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Posted on Nov 26, 2017

These 17 Quizzes Will Challenge Anyone Who Knows More Than One Language

Knowledge is power.

1. Do you know basic Spanish? Prove it by getting a high score in this very simple quiz.

2. Do you think your Spanish is better than a 14-year-old Scottish kid's Spanish? Take this quiz and find out!

3. Can you actually carry a conversation in Spanish? Take this fill-in-the-blank quiz and see for yourself.

4. OK, so maybe you can speak some Spanish, but how's your grammar? Take this tricky quiz and find out.

5. As if learning a language wasn't hard enough, Spanish is SOOO different in every country. Test how international your Spanish is with this quiz.

6. Want to challenge yourself? Take this super tricky "guess the language" quiz.

7. How about international memes? Can you prove you're a genius by guessing what 75% of them mean?

8. Want to know how good your French *really* is? Take this quiz!

9. Can you tell what these French verbs mean? Test your skills with this quiz.

10. you even know how to LOL around the world? Find out by taking this quiz.

11. Want to know how good you are at grammar? Take this quiz and you'll know!

12. Not an English native speaker but still want to test your knowledge? Take this quiz designed specifically for you.

13. Think your Italian is good enough to pass this basic quiz?

14. Test your Portuguese skills by guessing if these words are real or invented.

15. Now let's move on to German. How well can you understand the language without actually knowing it?

16. How familiar are you with Scottish Twitter? Take this quiz and find out.

17. Are you a true language nerd? Take this quiz and try guessing what these untranslatable words mean.

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