Pinterest's New Feature Will Let You Find Customized Beauty Looks Based On Your Skin Tone

    Nice one, Pinterest.

    Pinterest is the perfect place to create digital vision boards, plan special events, or look for beauty and fashion inspo. Now the platform is adding a new feature which will make finding all the beautiful things you actually want to see even easier.

    Their new feature lets you search based on skin tone ranges, which will certainly come in handy when looking for personalized makeup trends, ideas, tutorials, and even hair hairstyles. If you're wondering which bold lipstick compliments your skin best, Pinterest will help you find what you're visually looking for.

    Including skin color as a search filter was something they needed to address based on demand.

    Other quick stats: Billions (with a B) of beauty pins have been saved by pinners, beauty is one of the most searched categories, and women using Pinterest are more than twice as likely to experiment with different makeup trends compared to other platforms.

    Now I'm off to find the next beauty trend I want to try this year. BRB.