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Here Are The Top Trends People Will Want To Try In 2019, According To Pinterest

*Starts new Pinterest board.*

The year's about to end, and Pinterest just announced what they predict will be the top 100 trends of 2019. If you need some inspo, help with your New Years resolutions, or are just curious, check them out!

Fashion is looking great in 2019! It seems like people will be ditching their tiny sunglasses and replacing them with oval-shapes. Also, "sustainable fashion" is one of their top searches which makes me so happy! You all know how I feel about Rent The Runway (which to reduce fashion waste) by now.

Here are some of the most searched style-related terms:

Snake print
African print fashion
Oval sunglasses
Statement sneakers
Sustainable fashion
Robe silhouettes
Biker shorts
Tortoise earrings
Bamboo bags

Check out the Style Pinterest board below:

2019 Beauty is a mixed bag of awesome. People are curious about lash lifts (which I personally love), plus they're over matte finishes and into glossy makeup.

Here are some of the most searched style-related terms:

Glossy makeup
Stand-out lip color
Witch hazel
Almond nails
Going gray
Liquid exfoliator
Dipping powders
Lilac hair
Cropped bangs
Keratin Eyelash Lift Review

Check out the Beauty Pinterest board here:

When it comes to travel, people are definitely looking for something different next year. No more tourist-filled places, no more of the usual suspects. From "abandoned castles" to "bus travels," these Pinterest searches are an interesting bunch. Also, FYI, people use Pinterest more than travel agencies when planning trips!

Here are some of the most searched travel-related terms:

Abandoned castles
Less traveled islands
Surprise destination
Bike tours
Bus travel
Zero waste travel
Small town travel
Hot springs
Autumn scenery
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You can see the Travel Pinterest board here:

As for health and wellness, the big theme in 2019 ~self-care~ (searches for it were up 140%). People want products with natural ingredients or things that they can DIY, and they're very conscious of what they are putting in their bodies and recipes.

Here are some of the most searched health and wellness-related terms:

Bakuchiol (the natural, gentler alternative to retinol)
Goat milk soap
Band workouts
Sleep optimization
Super powders (like matcha, maca, etc.)
Sober living
Ginger oil
Elderberry recipes
Nutrition plans
Beeswax wraps

Check out the Health & Wellness Pinterest board here:

If you're looking to pick up a new hobby in 2019, Pinterest has a few suggestions. Though there are 8 billion hobby and interest Pins, they managed to narrow it down to just a few popular ones. Some a little more ambitious than others.

Here are some of the most searched hobby-related terms:

Side hustles at home
How to grow an avocado tree
Boat building
52 week savings plan
Acrylic pour painting
Urban decay photography (not the makeup brand, lol)
Ceramic pottery
Body painting
Chalk art

Check out the Hobbies & Interests Pinterest board here:

If you've ever planned a party, chances are you've used Pinterest. Here, you can find everything from decorations, to menu ideas. Next year, it seems that we'll be celebrating small moments, and brides will be changing things up with "gold wedding gowns" being one of the top searches. Also, people still love donuts.

Here are some of the most searched celebration-related terms:

Mini moment celebrations
Number cakes
Backyard wedding
Moon gatherings
Smoke bomb photography
Neon wedding sign
Godparent proposals
Gold wedding gowns
Flower garland
Donut decor

Check out the Celebrations Pinterest board here:

Moving on to food, Pinterest has 23 billion recipes available! That's billion, with a "b." So what does the 2019 menu look like? Healthy recipes and some unusual ingredients are in order.

Here are some of the most searched food-related terms:

Mushroom recipes
Eating pegan
Grazing tables
Baking bread
Ginger water
Oxtail recipes
Foil pack dinners
Homemade jam
Chayote recipes

Check out the Food Pinterest board here:

Someone once told me my living room looked like a Pinterest board, and honestly, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever told me. Pinterest is a great tool when you are decorating your place, or when you want to change things up. You can find anything from DIY projects, to the perfect accent color for your room decor.

Here are some of the most searched home-related terms:

Painted floor tiles
Geometric paint
Textile art
Mustard yellow
Grow up the wall
(vertical garden)

Check out the Home Pinterest board here:

Hope this sparks some ideas for 2019!