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18 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Dye Your Hair Millennial Pink

Millennial pink = just pink, but trendier, right?

In case you forgot, ~millennial pink~ (F.K.A. Rose Quartz), was one of the Pantone colors of 2016, which kind of explains why it's everywhere. But even five months into 2017, we can't seem to shake the color millennials have taken hostage.

It's particularly prominent in the beauty and fashion industries, which is great because it looks like a cotton candy dream and I'm here for it.

1. A lot of people go all in and dye their manes millennial pink.

2. While others keep the color a bit more saturated with darker undertones.

3. Personally, I'm glad this color hasn't gone away because long, pink hair is dreamy.

4. And short, curly bobs are for goddesses.

5. What's great about this color is that looks cool with dark roots too!

6. So if you're not into bleaching your roots every five minutes, don't let that keep you from going bold.

7. Try a reverse ombré if you're looking for something with more movement.

8. You can also pair a faded pink tone with lilac roots for a similar effect.

9. Or reverse it: pink on top and a darker color on the bottom.

10. Try some highlights around the face if you're not ready to dye all of your hair cotton candy pink.

11. This color looks great when you wear it down.

12. Or up in a messy bun.

13. Not entirely sure of how this hairstyle works, but pink knots (?) are also cute AF.

14. And of course, pink braids are adorbz.

15. Make no mistake, this color isn't just for millennials. Anyone can, and should, rock it.

16. Go for a monochrome beauty look by matching your lipstick to your hair.

17. Match your hair to your entire outfit if you really want to commit.

18. Honestly, you might as well art direct your entire life around this addictive color.