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18 Cute Gifts Every Homebody Will Appreciate

Because tbh, people are the worst.

1. This chill pin for you and your fave crew.

2. This adorable and romantic greeting card.

3. This mug that does the socializing for you.

4. This T-shirt that's solely responsible for spreading the gospel.

5. This ~fiery~ shirt for people with no patience for bullshit.

6. This black baseball cap that will likely be a helpful accessory when avoiding people.

7. This Drake-inspired tote bag.

You can get it from Stay Home Club for $24.

8. This grieving T-shirt for anyone who once enjoyed having friends.

9. This lovely pin that's only expressing the truth.

10. This shirt for boring yet decisive people.

11. This decorative and informative pillow.

12. This very honest shirt for the socially inept.

13. This welcoming pink door mat.

14. This tee that goes perfectly with your favorite outfit, as long as it doesn't involve pants.

15. This introvert-friendly mug that also doubles as a warning.

16. This passive-aggressive print that would be a great addition to your home décor.

17. This sweet tee for you and the few people you can actually stand.

18. And this sweatshirt specially made for homebodies.

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