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People Are Tweeting Tips On How To Deal With Holiday Stress And It's Hilarious

"Screaming into festive decorative pillows."

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The hashtag #HolidayStressRelievers is trending on Twitter, and while it started as a pure and wholesome way to share valuable tips with others, things obviously got too real.

Some people shared the usual tips. And bless their hearts for that.

Take a relaxing bubble bath 💕 #HolidayStressRelievers

#HolidayStressRelievers books and a cup of tea.

Holiday movies marathon #HolidayStressRelievers

Many agreed that dogs are the best cure in stressful situations, because, DUH.

Puppy snuggles #HolidayStressRelievers

Making new traditions with dogs instead of people #HolidayStressRelievers

Skipping thanksgiving dinner to hang out with my dogs. #HolidayStressRelievers

Skipping Black Friday shopping is a given.

#HolidayStressRelievers knowing that you're not one of the morons diving into black Friday hell

And others suggested your outfit choices can affect your holiday cheer.

Sweatpants. There's just too much stress on non-stretchy waistbands #HolidayStressRelievers

Avoiding politics was a popular one.

#HolidayStressRelievers making a game. Any time someone mentions politics they aren't allowed to have pie. If they…

Or just, you know, avoiding your family altogether.

Going to get ice and not coming back #HolidayStressRelievers

But others actually encouraged confronting them about it.

#HolidayStressRelievers food fight with relatives after a heated debate about politics

Some people had ~interesting~ ways to get through the night.

Relaxing by the fire with some of Grandma’s famous secret recipe Xanax Cakes. #HolidayStressRelievers

#HolidayStressRelievers Buying new batteries for my "neck massager."

And others relieve stress by letting it all out.

#HolidayStressRelievers Screaming into festive decorative throw pillows.

Tweeting about your CRAZY relatives from the bathroom #HolidayStressRelievers

Here's hoping everyone has a stress-free holiday season!


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