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People Are Accusing Kylie Jenner Of Repackaging Old Lip Kit Colors And They're Pissed AF

People are, like, realizing things.

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This week, fans noticed that the shade Blitzen is remarkably similar to her pre-existing shade Spice.

Kylie Cosmetics has been repackaging their general line lipsticks and making them limited edition. Example: spice a…

Spice is a deepened raspberry-plum, while Blitzen, is...well, basically the same.

the description for spice is a deepened raspberry-plum, and Blitzen is apparently a warmer version of that…


The biggest difference between the two shades seems to be the price.

Blitzen was a part of Kylie's Holiday Collection that sold for $45, while Spice costs just $29 as a solo shade.

Is @KylieJenner recycling colours? bc they look so similiar.. left: candy k, spice, kristen, cupid right: khlo$, g…

Kylie Cosmetics has not yet responded to the allegations.

Why are Spice and Blitzen the same exact shade just different packaging? I'm so mad 😒🙄 @kyliecosmetics @KylieJenner

But whatever trouble she might be in isn't stopping the 19-year-old. She's about to open a pop up shop in New York City, and she seems pretty excited about it.