16 Of The Most Stressful "Would You Rather" Beauty Questions Ever

Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

  1. 1. Would your rather...
    1. Via New Line Cinema
      Get a terrible haircut?
    2. Via Mark Mainz / Staff
      Or a terrible dye job?
  1. 2. Would you rather...
    1. Via Lingbeek / Getty
      Leave the house with way too much blush on?
    2. Or go outside with an obvious foundation line?
  1. 3. Would you rather...
    1. Via ljubaphoto / Getty
      Walk around with smudged lipstick all day?
    2. Via Skodadad / Getty
      Or smudged mascara?
  1. 4. Would you rather...
    1. Via soup__studio / Getty
      Chop all of your hair off?
    2. Via sekundator / Getty
      Or never cut it again?
  1. 5. Would you rather...
    1. Via Opla / Getty
      Rip your lashes out with an eyelash curler?
    2. Via NBC
      Or accidentally burn your eyebrows off?
  1. 6. Would you rather...
    1. Smudge all of your fingernails after getting a fresh manicure?
    2. Via Lepro / Getty
      Or have your day-old manicure start to chip off?
  1. 7. Would you rather...
    1. Burn your hair off with a curling iron?
    2. Or burn your forehead with a curling iron?
  1. 8. Would you rather...
    1. Ruin your spray tan because you went to sleep?
    2. Via
      Or ruin your spray tan because you cried?
  1. 9. Would you rather...
    1. Stain your white towels with makeup?
    2. Via Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty
      Or spill nail polish on your coffee table?
  1. 10. Would you rather...
    1. Get your hair stuck in your blowdryer?
    2. Or get a hair tie tangled in your hair?
  1. 11. Would you rather...
    1. Via ELizabethHoffmann / Getty
      Constantly have lipstick on your teeth?
    2. Via vitmark / Getty
      Or cry every time you wear mascara?
  1. 12. Would you rather...
    1. Via pogrebkov / Getty
      Drop your bronzer?
    2. Via dstaerk / Getty
      Or break your favorite lipstick?
  1. 13. Would you rather...
    1. Have super straight eyebrows?
    2. Via
      Or have overly arched eyebrows?
  1. 14. Would you rather...
    1. Via malyugin / Getty
      Never be able to achieve a great winged liner look?
    2. Via YakobchukOlena / Getty
      Or never be able to use lipliner correctly?
  1. 15. Would you rather...
    1. Via Bravo
      Pay a makeup artist to do your makeup and hate the end result?
    2. Via
      Or pay for an expensive haircut and dislike it?
  1. 16. Would you rather...
    1. Overdo it with concealer?
    2. Or overdo it with bronzer?

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