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Leslie Jones' Fashion Commentary Is Honestly The Best Thing About The Olympics So Far

Like "Fashion Police," but actually funny.

In case you didn't know, Leslie Jones is the Olympics' #1 fan. In 2016, NBC actually flew her out to Rio because of her amazing live tweets, and she'll be making her way to South Korea soon.

Who's ready for a @Lesdoggg and @shaunwhite reunion? #WinterOlympics #BestOfUS

Though she hasn't gotten to Pyeongchang yet, the comedian has begun her live commentary already, confirming what we already knew: she truly is a national treasure.

It’s official getting my gear y’all!! @Olympics

She's been live-tweeting about everything, but my favorite thing so far is her commentary on all the Olympic outfits.

My new favorite part about the olympics is watching @Lesdoggg comment on everyone’s outfits #Olympics2018

"His shirt is like a greeter at Walmart."

"What is happening? Do the men not get nice outfits?"

"How just trying to figure out how he's going to skate with suspenders on. That's got to be uncomfortable. But look at that stance, he's like Michael Jackson."

"This outfit I can get with. And he looks cocky, too"

"This is like a very traditional outfit to me, but I don't know, they look scared."

"It's so dope. It's so dope. And he's wearing it like a motherfucking diva."

"Shit, if you're gonna do it, DO IT!"

"Huhmmm...hello, but I'm gonna need one of them little ski suits right there. That shit is dope, right?"

"This group of outfits right here is seriously bangin' yo. This is on some Christian Siriano shit."

"Christian Siriano definitely made this one. Did you see the beading in this top? That is magnificent!"

"Is this the Black Panther? What is happening right now? NICE!"

Long live Leslie Jones, queen of the Olympics!

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