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    Just 31 Of The Most Stylish People We Saw At Fashion Week

    Fashion week: A week when people dress fabulously and take candid pictures while crossing the street.

    1. "When putting together an outfit, accessories are key." ―Marina

    2. "When you wake up in the morning, decide who you're going to be, head to your closet, and take it from there."―Brandon


    4. "If you like it, wear it." —Shainna


    6. Maria Ivankova

    7. "When you're shopping, don't forget about vintage and secondhand shops. You can usually find unique pieces there, instead of buying clothes that everyone else is wearing." ―Aaron

    8. "When it comes to style, you don't have to play by the rules. Just have fun with it." ―Caroline


    10. Tk and Cipriana Quann

    11. "Stylish sneakers, hot rollers, and mom jeans." ―Lisa, Andrea, and Samantha

    12. Good foundation and statement jewelry." ―Lady Blaga


    14. "There's no such thing as overaccessorizing. Always be extra." ―Jaraé

    15. Enjoy whatever the hell you're wearing and use Aquaphor when applying makeup, that's why Marilyn Monroe always looked dewy." ―Madame Vivien V and Trisha Bordeaux

    16. "Feeling comfortable and confident looks good on everyone."―Maya

    17. Dalia Drake

    18. "Stick on nipple covers are the best things I've ever owned."―Lindsi Lane

    19. "Always be true to yourself." ―Paris

    20. Cristina Maag

    21. "I really like playing with layers and colors."―Jovanni


    23. "Never wear anything the way it's designed to be worn. Play around with your clothes and get creative."―Glitter


    25. "Just wear whatever makes you happy."―Victor

    26. Adorr Jessie

    27. "Always dress with confidence, and have a pair of comfy shoes handy." ―Freddie and Omenaa

    28. Nikia and Shantae

    29. "Always have a pair of statement sunglasses or statement shoes, no matter the outfit." ―Alina

    30. Jennie and Troy

    31. And last but not least, we met our new fashion icon and her name is Aria.