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Guy Fieri Actually Hates His Famous Flame Shirt And Nothing In The World Makes Sense Anymore

Fashion is cancelled.

Everyone knows who Guy Fieri is, right? National treasure, Food Network host, restauranteur, Anthony Bourdain's archenemy, and lead singer of Smash Mouth.

Well, hearts everywhere broke and jaws dropped after he admitted he actually hates that famous flame shirt we picture him wearing at all times.


In the latest episode of Dan Pashman’s The Sporkful podcast, Fieri admits he actually hates what we all thought was a wardrobe staple for him.

"I think there’s way too much stereotyping. There’s a picture of me in a flame shirt that everybody loves. I get that picture sent to me when we do fan mail; it’s the picture they send more than anything. And I think people want to love the shirt... ‘cause I hate the shirt. We’d opened a barbecue restaurant — and this was way before even the Food Network — we’d opened a barbecue restaurant, and that was one of the shirts that we had. I don’t know where we got the shirt or what happened. Goddamn I hate that shirt." Fieri explained.

Based on a very brief investigation (literally just looked it up on Getty), he has in fact not worn the flame shirt at all this year. Here he is, rocking out at the Indiana state fair, sans flames:

At the NBA All-Star game he was pointing at things, but none of those things involved a fire shirt:

Here he is, waving at a crowd of people at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival while sporting a ~knuckle sandwich~ tee:

And last but not least, he chose a muted camo suit for the Kentucky Derby this year:

During the Sporkful interview, Fieri also went on to say that people love to think of him only wearing the flame shirt because of the persona we've created in our minds. He also confessed he hates jumping out of planes, and contrary to popular belief, he wears t-shirts every day, not bowling shirts.

So there you have it, life's a lie, Santa Claus doesn't exist, and Guy Fieri hates his fire shirt.