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20 Hilarious Tweets About Celebrating Columbus Day

"If my kids ain't shading Christopher Columbus by the age of 5 I have failed them as a parent."

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Christopher Columbus is like the person that comments "First" on an Instagram post even though they're not first


This #ColombusDay, remember the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace...


If you're upset by illegal immigration then you REALLLLY shouldn't be celebrating Columbus Day.


Celebrate Columbus Day locally! Check out an area store you’ve never visited before, and claim ownership of it.


To celebrate Columbus Day, I'm going to wait around at In-N-Out, wait until they call someone else's number, and then take their food.


hmm let's check and see how Ben Shapiro's conservative news website is celebrating Columbus Day... oh


My child gon be the 1 in class tellin the teacher the Europeans & Christopher Columbus was a thief and a murder. &Ima have to have a meeting


Columbus Day morning. Kids excited to see the bowl of tears they left out last night is empty, and the smallpox blankets are rumpled!


When it’s Christopher Columbus Day but you know the truth & you’ve unlearned all the lies you were taught in elemen…


To be fair to the Rick + Morty fans, "getting mad about going on a long trip and failing to get asian sauce" is on point for Columbus Day


Columbus was a homicidal syphilitic maniac who was too fucking dumb to realize he wasn’t in Asia. Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day.


Today is the day #Columbus discovered he had a shit sense of direction and had no idea where he was. #ShouldveStoppedAndAsked


Columbus Day as the discovery of America and not the murder of Native Americans is just white-washing history. Am I right Dove?


Happy Columbus Day aka White Colonial Privilege Day of Genocide Denial.



I went to the postoffice with 30+ orders just to find out they arent open b/c its "Columbus day" like the mf actual…



fuck u christopher columbus u entitled piece of shit imma skip school just cuz i’m mad not to respect u


If my kids ain't shading Christopher Columbus by the age of 5 I have failed them as a parent.


Everytime a Starbucks pops up in the hood Christopher Columbus looks up from Hell and smiles.

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