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26 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Those Ratty Old T-Shirts

No sewing machine required!

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6. Customize any t-shirt with a ~cool~ lace insert.

What you'll need:

- T-shirt

- Lace

- Iron-on hem tape

- Iron

- Scissors

- Printed picture of a crescent moon (or any shape you'd like)

- Pen

Complete tutorial here.


11. Spell it out with ~edgy~ safety pins.

What you'll need:

- Oversized tee

- Scissors

- Safety pins

All you have to do is cut the sleeves off and spell out any message you'd like with safety pins. You can find more detailed instructions (in Spanish) here.


13. Create a galaxy of your own with a black shirt and some paint.

What you'll need:

- Dark colored t-shirt

- Bleach

- Empty spray bottle

- Fabric paint or acrylic paint in purple, blue, red, white, and yellow

- Sponges

- An old toothbrush

Follow the tutorial here.



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