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The Dadbag Is Here, And It'll Make You Give Up On Fashion

No one asked for this, but here we are.

Fanny packs have been trying to make a comeback for a while now, and since we tend to recycle fashion trends, I'm confident they will make their way back to our hips and hearts soon.

I'm not sure if this will help or hurt fanny packs, but there's a new ~trendy~ product, that's probably as useful as the pizza pouch and the Ta-Ta towel, but will surely be received with open arms by millennials everywhere. This is the Dadbag.

It was created by Albert Pukies, a London-based art director whose product aims to celebrate glorious dad bods, while also carrying your personal belongings.

Why? Well, Pukies explains he came up with the idea because he's desperate to have dad bod, but was worried about the "health risks" associated with it.

Because no dad bod is the same, there's something for everyone! The Dadbag comes in a variety of skin tones, bellybuttons, and hairiness.

You can even pair it with your hairy swimsuit seamlessly.

If you're like, "OMG I need to buy this," then I'm sorry to tell you, but they're not available for purchase yet. However, Pukies is looking for partners and manufacturers to go into production soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can follow them on Instagram @thedadbag to keep up with their progress.