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    17 Charts That'll Make Buying Makeup So Much Easier

    Makeup 101.

    1. First things first, get your skin care routine in order.

    2. This chart will help you understand what certain ingredients do and how long it'll take before you see results. Patience is key, but knowledge is power.

    3. Once you have your skin care routine figured out, time to focus on makeup.

    4. Knowing the correct amount of product you're supposed to use will help you save money.

    5. Figure out what kind of coverage you want, and pick something that works for your needs.

    6. Contouring may seem scary for amateurs, but it doesn't have to be. This chart easily explains how to do it depending on the shape of your face.

    7. We've all made the mistake of testing foundation shades on our hands or arms. Next time you're makeup shopping, test it on your neck for a more accurate match.

    8. Blush can be tricky to pick out. This chart can help you decide what the best color for your skin tone is.

    9. There are a ton of brushes out there. Learn what they’re used for, and decide which would be beneficial for you.

    10. Same thing goes for mascara wands.

    11. If you're looking to experiment with liner, this chart will make stepping out of your comfort zone seem less scary.

    12. There are many different liner types, and they each require different tools.

    13. White eyeliner is underrated. Here's how you can use it to your advantage:

    14. Looking well-rested *is* possible — you just have to use the right color combination.

    15. There's a dupe for every expensive product out there.

    16. Learn what's in your makeup — you know, since you're putting it on your face every day.

    17. And knowing when products expire is just as important as finding the perfect red lipstick shade.

    Go on now, fill up that shopping cart wisely!