9 Ingenious Makeup Tips That Are Especially Useful For South Asian Women

    Red lipstick is actually a godsend for dark circles.

    Meet Deepica Mutyala, a 26-year-old beauty expert and YouTuber from Houston, Texas.

    Ever since her video about using red lipstick to get rid of dark circles under your eyes went viral, she's been making killer videos about beauty product reviews and the techniques that actually work.

    Deepica's videos tutorials do a bang-up job of demystifying makeup in general, but she also focuses on making things a hell of a lot easier for South Asian women specifically.

    So we asked Deepica to show us the beauty tips and tricks every South Asian lady should know.

    1. First up: Foundation. When you're looking for a match, test on your neck — not your arm — for the most accurate shade.

    2. Before you get the rest of your makeup in order, apply sunscreen (year-round) and make sure the formula melts into your skin for that ~flawless~ finish.

    3. Eyebrows are the focal point of the face, so get those bad boys in order using eyeshadow and a slanted brush.

    4. Get a golden ~glow~ by using gold eyeshadow all over your face. JK! Just use it on the parts of your face where the light naturally hits.

    5. Here's Deepica's signature trick of using red lipstick to cover dark circles:

    6. And once you're ready, make your eyeshadow POP by using a white, chubby eye pencil as a primer on your eyelids.

    7. Make your blush stay put by using a cream lipstick as a base, then powder blush on top.

    8. Contour dem cheekbones with some bronzer.

    9. And finish your look with a lipstick color besides the classic, creamy red.

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