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    21 Toy Gifts From ShopDisney That Will Probably Be Automatic Hits

    Currently ~wishing upon a star~ for all of these.

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    1. A Haunted Mansion Lego set that includes a spooky butler mini figure and paintings of the Hitchhiking Ghosts, Madame Leota and the Gravekeeper — because for some of us, Halloween isn't a season, it's a way of ~life~.

    2. A Stitch plush to give them that wonderful ~ohana~ feeling. I personally have one back in my childhood bedroom and am missing it dearly right about now. May just have to add one to my own cart...

    3. A model kit for Sleeping Beauty's Castle so they can experience the ~magic~ of strolling towards the end of Main Street in Disneyland whenever they want.

    the mini sleeping beauty castle

    4. An Alice in Wonderland teacup matching game reminiscent of (almost) everyone's favorite Disneyland ride that's sure to be a ~maddeningly~ fun time!

    the teacup game which looks like a mini version of the ride at Disney

    5. A limited edition Belle doll from the Disney Designer Collection that shows my personal favorite princess in a whole new light (and a fabulous new dress). They can keep this beauty in the box to display or break her out and get playing! She's sure to look gorgeous either way.

    Belle in a rose-themed ballgown

    6. A Lego Disney princess castle with room for Ariel, Moana, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Tiana (and all their animal friends!) because who wouldn't want to host the *ultimate* princess party?

    7. A mini buildable version of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber sure to elicit excited squeals from any kid (or adult's inner child) upon unwrapping. Just remind them to keep the inevitable lightsaber practice away from the rest of the presents.

    the lightsaber

    8. A baby Groot plush so freakin' cute it just makes me want to squeeze it. And guess what? You can!

    the baby groot plush

    9. A mystery micro plush package from the Disney Munchlings collection which offers six delectably adorable mini plushie options in the ~sweetest~ little ice cream carton packaging. Dare I say, the perfect stocking stuffer?

    the variety of micro plus that could be inside the ice cream carton packaging

    10. A Cars playset that includes a pull-back Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Sarge, Fillmore, Sheriff, Tow Mater, and Ramone, all held conveniently inside Mack the hauler. This way, they've got everything they need to hold an epic Cars race.

    Mack holding all eight cars from cars inside

    11. A Disney Theme Park edition of Monopoly with a jaw-dropping pop-up castle in the center of the board — I personally cannot wait for my own family to get in our annual Christmas Monopoly blowout over a game on this beautiful new board.

    12. Or perhaps an all-villain edition of Monopoly in case this classic game *also* brings out your more... evil qualities. At least this way, you'll ALL be playing as villains!

    the disney villain monopoly board

    13. A light-up Tesseract replica they can ever-so-casually display on their bookshelf like the hero (of interior decorating) that they are.

    14. A Small World stacking block set that will probably have them singing the incredibly catchy theme song on a loop (sorry in advance).

    child playing with the small world block set, which looks like the outside of the Disney ride

    15. A National Geographic crystal growing lab kit to teach the little ones in your life — or even the adults — about the magic of crystals. This kit lets them grow two giant crystals in just a few days' time. (Just don't forget to charge them when they're done).

    16. An R2-W50 remote control droid in case they haven't yet made it to the Droid Depot at Galaxy's Edge — OR in case you feel that the droid they brought home from the Depot needs a buddy. Two cute little remote-controlled robots are always better than one.

    The R2 droid

    17. A Lego ice castle set from Frozen because try as I might, I just can't let Elsa's gorgeous castle go. With 1,709 pieces, this set is probably best completed as a group activity, or else they may not be finished until summer!

    the lego ice castle

    18. A pottery wheel craft kit that, I'm just gonna be honest here, I WILL be purchasing for myself this Christmas.

    19. A Grogu plush for The Mandalorian super fan to curl up with while they rewatch the first two seasons ahead of the Season 3 premiere (February 2023, but who's counting? (me, that's who)).

    20. A scented cinnamon bun Mickey Mouse plush from Disney's Munchlings collection that's ~deliciously~ adorable and looks irresistibly cuddly.

    the plush of mickey mouse as a cinnamon bun

    21. And finally, a plush pair of Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, the goats from Thor: Love and Thunder — because they totally stole the spotlight (and our hearts) this year.

    the plush goats

    Happy shopping!

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