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    27 Things From Target You’ll Probably Love If You Want Your Entire Home’s Aesthetic To Be “Cozy”

    Catch me curled up inside my nest of comfort now through whenever the sun stops setting at lunchtime.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A welcome mat that reads "come in and cozy up" so your guests will all know right away what energy they should be bringing into your home.

    the checkered red and black welcome mat which reads " come in and cozy up" in white lettering

    2. A set of floral print flannel sheets that doesn't look like your typical holiday season bedding but still offers all the snug comfort that comes with anything flannel.

    the floral sheets

    3. A square floor pillow to revive that one drop-dead gorgeous wood accent chair you impulse bought on vintage vibes alone but did NOT test for comfortability. Also great for actual floor sitters — where are my people at?

    4. An electric blanket that'll warm your whole body for the ultimate relaxation experience on a chilly evening — just take my money already!!! Bonus: This can also help reduce your heating bill! Instead of running that radiator, just curl up in this baby!

    a model wearing the blanket and holding a mug

    5. A roll of forest-inspired peel-and-stick wallpaper for my more ~eclectic~ cozy folks who want to feel like they've literally living inside of their favorite fairytale picture book. I tried out this wallpaper in my own space and it totally exceeded my expectations. Getting to live out my grandma-meets-cottagecore design dreams without losing my security deposit? Yes, please!

    the wallpaper on a wall

    6. A shimmery shag throw pillow so you'll always have something nice and snuggly to cuddle with on the couch — even if cuffing season isn't going your way right now.

    the white fluffy pillow on a couch

    7. A faux-fur throw blanket also for snuggling in style because it'll keep you warm *and* look very chic draped over a couch or accent chair.

    8. A color-changing essential oil diffuser that'll help craft a peaceful, soothing atmosphere in your place and maybe (just maybe) make you excited for the sun to set so early.... I'm suffering, y'all.

    the gold oil diffuser lit up green

    9. A tulip-shaped woven basket to toss all your soft and cozy throw pillows or blankets into so you can keep things organized *without* spoiling your aesthetic.

    10. A diamond shag area rug that'll soften up your cold, hard (perhaps even unsightly) flooring.

    the area rug in white and grey diamond shapes

    11. Or a plush shag rug in case your desired cozy aesthetic is less modern more 1970s conversation pit... IYKYK.

    12. An antique-style copper-plated serving tray because this time of year most definitely calls for a daily tea time (or wine night, if that's more your thing).

    13. A TV stand with a built-in electric fireplace so you can experience that elusive rural cabin-chic vibe we all crave this time of year *without* having to give up urban luxuries like fast Wi-Fi and food delivery services.

    the tv stand with a fireplace

    14. A four-pack of flameless LED candles for all the immaculate ~mood lighting~ that candles provide without the literal open flame part. It's cozy vibes at their finest: risk-free.

    the pillar candles on a mantle

    15. And a brass and glass lantern to finish that fire hazard-free lighting look that's sure to add a Victorian-era library-level cozy energy to your evenings.

    the lanterns on a mantel

    16. A memory foam bath runner that you can use to cover up that consistently ice-cold bathroom tile. Knocking out that nightly skincare routine just got a little bit more pleasant.

    the bath runner in purple

    17. A velvet quilt in case much like myself you require a high percentage of your fabric belongings to be almost egregiously soft, but you don't want everything to be crafted in faux fur or sherpa.

    the velvet quilt in green on a bed

    18. A wood serving tray perfect for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner!) in bed because it's going to reach that time of year when leaving the cozy covers to sit at a real dining table feels basically impossible. The solution? Simply don't.

    19. A "Cozy Nights" candle to fill your space with the smells of comfort on those especially cold nights. Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the end of daylight savings time...

    a cozy nights scented soy candle in a glass container with gold-tone lid

    20. A holiday balsam candle in a large glass dish that you can totally reuse after the wax has melted down, which means this may be the first candle in my whole life that I'm actually motivated to finish burning... what would you display in this dish once it's empty?

    the green glass dish candle

    21. A sherpa accent pillow to snuggle up with whilst surrounded by all your new candles.

    The orange and brown Sherpa throw pillow

    22. A tabletop fireplace heater to turn any room into the cutest, coziest place ever. Catch me hanging my stockings above this baby with care real soon...

    23. A salt lamp for your bedside table, because I'm not sure who decided these were necessary for cozy and peaceful environments, but they were so right. This beauty will ward off that impending internal winter chill with ease.

    The salt lamp

    24. A 90-count string of fairy lights to instantly boost the cozy ambiance of any space. These little lights are aptly named for sure because they're a totally ~magical~ decorating tool.

    the brass string fairy lights

    25. And a pair of mason jar wall sconces to hold those charming little lights. Personally this decorating tactic reminds me of catching fireflies in the summer and carries me ~cozily~ through the winter months.

    26. A little sherpa Christmas tree that — while not *technically* a pillow — will definitely cozy up your Christmas vibe this year.

    27. A set of six semi-matching mugs to cup cinematically as you shrug deeper into your long cardigan and stroll around your soft, snug space in utter peace.

    the glazed stoneware mugs in neutral shades hanging on their stand

    You after all your cozy purchases arrive: