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    26 Things From Target You’ll Love If You Want Your Whole Home To Celebrate Fall

    Alexa, play Red (Taylor's Version).

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    1. A "come in and cozy up" doormat to establish the autumnal vibe for your guests right away. Let's just hope they understand the assignment.

    the brown and black doormat in front of a door

    2. A ceramic gourd so you don't have to buy one at the grocery store and tell yourself, It's not just decoration; I'm really going to cook with it! — until it goes bad and you have to throw it out and start all over again. Do yourself a favor and just buy the ceramic one.

    3. A harvest wreath that'll bring a pop of proper fall colors to your door, wall, window, or wherever you feel you need it most.

    the fall wreath

    4. A four-pack of flameless LED candles for all the lovely mood lighting that candles provide without the literal open flame part. If you're going for a ~season of the witch~ (sans fire risk) moment this fall, these are for you.

    the pillar candles on a mantle

    5. And a brass and glass lantern to finish that fire hazard-free lighting look that's sure to add a ~wicked~ ambience to your place. I personally plan to channel a Victorian-era ghost this fall and roam around holding one of these beauties every evening...

    the lanterns on a mantel

    6. A TV stand with a built-in electric fireplace so you can experience that elusive rural cabin-chic vibe we all crave in fall *without* having to give up urban luxuries like fast Wi-Fi and food delivery services.

    the tv stand with a fireplace

    7. A woven rattan wicker pumpkin if your pets loved the velvet pumpkin trend even more than you did (perhaps a little too much) and now you're back to square one in the pumpkin decor department.

    the brown wicker pumpkin

    8. A little faux eucalyptus floral arrangement to keep a pop of green in your space even as all the leaves begin to change right outside your window. I don't know who decided eucalyptus was in this fall, but I'd like to send them one of these beauties as a sign of my gratitude.

    the potted eucalyptus arrangement

    9. And a mini purple eucalyptus wreath while we're at it, because I just can't get enough of this gorgeous (faux) foliage.

    the purple faux wreath on a wall

    10. An utterly bewitching serving platter for displaying some sinisterly scrumptious snacks at your upcoming autumnal picnic.

    11. A punny pillow to bring a smile to your face — and some fall vibes to your place.

    the pumpkin pillow that says "hello pumpkin"

    12. An antique-style copper-plated serving tray because this time of year most definitely calls for regular fancy tea times and wine nights especially with all that baking we're planning to do.

    13. A tea cake pan with floral molds for making festive morsels of deliciousness this fall. I'm not sure why sub 70° temperatures make me feel like I *need* to bake, but if anyone wants to contact me I'll be compiling my recipe list for the season...

    14. A pumpkin-shaped pillow to squeeze when that seasonal excitement starts to make you feel overwhelmed. Relax, we've got all the time in the world to watch every movie on your fall master list.

    15. A 12-pack of "pumpkin filler" — AKA a bunch of cute little pumpkins to plop in a bowl or display on the mantel. Oh my gourd these babies are adorable!

    the tiny pumpkins in a bowl

    16. An electric blanket that'll warm your whole body for the ultimate relaxation experience on a chilly fall evening — just take my money already!!! Bonus: This can also help reduce your heating bill! Instead of running that radiator, just curl up in this baby!

    a model wearing the blanket and holding a mug

    17. A 90-count string of fairy lights to instantly boost the cozy ambience of any space. These little lights are aptly named for sure because they're a totally ~magical~ decorating tool.

    the brass string fairy lights

    18. A cute little cauldron candle that smells like "cobwebs and ashes" (which is spooky speak for eucalyptus and woodsy musk) for a little ~mystical moment~ on your mantel.

    the cauldron-shaped candle

    19. Or a cool crescent moon candle with notes of pine, juniper, teakwood, tobacco, and spice so you're ready to throw a seance (or, you know, a regular old candlelit party) in style.

    20. A raven throw pillow to add a little Edgar Allen Poe-esque flair to your place.

    the throw pillow with a raven on it

    21. A ~punderful~ fall dish towel so you can giggle while you work (work in this case is drying that dreaded pile of dishes waiting for you in the sink).

    the dishtowel that reads "fall into autumn"

    22. And a plaid kitchen rug to keep your feet cozy in style while you tackle said aforementioned dishes.

    the plaid multicolor kitchen rug

    23. A gorgeous pumpkin-shaped glass candle that smells like warm cider and cinnamon because is it even fall if you don't stock up on deliciously scented candles?

    the pumpkin candle lit

    24. An ambience-adding wax melter so you can satisfy your hunger for hygge and have your place smelling warm and wonderful to come home to each night. Just pop a seasonally suitable scented wax on the warmer and enjoy.

    the wax warmer on a table

    25. A pumpkin-shaped mug for turning your afternoon cup of harvest blend tea into even more of a treat. It's the little, frequently pumpkin-shaped things...

    the pumpkin mug

    26. And a beautiful fall-print plush blanket sure to look gorgeous on your couch, and even better when it's wrapped around you!

    Happy Gilmore Girls, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Red (Taylor's Version) season!

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