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    28 Movies That Will Totally Give You Warm And Fuzzy Feelings Ready For Autumn

    Wrap up in a blanket, pour yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and work your way through these films.

    Now that autumn is fast approaching, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which films get them in the mood for the season. Here are their most warming and autumnal responses:

    1. When Harry Met Sally

    Columbia Pictures

    "It always gets me in the mood for fall because the feeling of best friends turned into lovers over a course of time is effortless. But the soundtrack to this film always puts me in the mood. It's beautiful and the humor is perfect." – Brittany Desjardins, Facebook

    "It isn't a fall movie if there aren't a lot of leaves and cozy-looking clothes." – Colleen Sweeney, Facebook

    2. Autumn in New York

    Columbia Pictures
    Columbia Pictures

    "A fairly obscure film: Autumn in New York, a 2000 romance-tearjerker starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. It has everything to get you into the fall mood; a New York setting, lots of references to autumn... In one scene they are walking through the fall foliage and he recites poetry to her. It is the perfect fall movie to cozy up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa and maybe a fleece sweater?" – Matty Cormier, Facebook

    3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    Warner Bros.

    "Hagrid's hut with all the pumpkins always gives me those fall feels." – torim4b1d32c44

    "The entire Harry Potter series. I could watch them all year but especially in autumn. On a rainy and windy evening there is nothing better than putting on some candles, having a hot drink and snuggle into a blanket while watching Harry, Ron and Hermione (with one exception: reading the books ;) )" – Dr. Eam

    4. Stepmom

    Columbia Pictures

    "Stepmom because it's one of my favorite movies, but really sad. I don't know why. It is beautiful like the leaves falling and I used to dream about living in Connecticut during fall. My favorite scene is the point where the little boy dances to 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough.'" – Elana

    5. Hocus Pocus

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Hocus Pocus fo sho! One of the best movies to watch once fall hits. It's a classic that never gets old." – stacynashh

    "Autumn to me is all about Halloween and getting cosy and that movie epitomizes it. I have to have to watch it every autumn." – sobia88

    "Hocus Pocus, and not just for the Halloween plot, either. The atmosphere of the town and the design of everything just makes me want to curl up with a pumpkin chai and an oversize sweater. And okay, yes, the overdose of '90s Halloween is very welcome." – colleend9

    "The betwitching hour's about to begiiiiinn!" – Rose Wilson, Facebook

    6. Dead Poets Society

    Buena Vista Pictures

    "Back-to-school feel and gorgeous fall scenery." – jenreesem

    7. The Craft

    Columbia Pictures

    "Arguably the best witch film. Also Neve Campbell is bae." – Lexi Rakoski

    8. Remember the Titans

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Fall is football season!!!" – moiartworks

    "It just emulates the season and of course is a great film." – Susan Szafranski, Facebook

    9. You've Got Mail

    Warner Bros.

    "You've Got Mail! 'I love New York in the fall, it always makes me want to buy school supplies'." – Dana Ernest, Facebook

    "Every fall, my husband and I have 'Pumpkin Spice Latte Day'. We never know when it is til it arrives – it has to be nice and chilly! We get some PSLs and curl up on the couch to watch – every year – You've Got Mail." – michaelaf3

    "Even if the film spans through the course of an entire year the fall scenes are the best. They are just so charming, creating the feeling of a happy wonderful parallel universe of bouquets of newly sharpened pencils and butterflies riding underground trains. How she decorates the shop for Halloween, when he walks by the coffee shop to meet her, the kid fair with face painting. It just seems so magical and makes me want to snuggle up with a blanket and a hot chocolate!" – camillac4d4943517

    10. Practical Magic

    Warner Bros.

    "Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman always gets me hyped for autumn. I just love the whole vibe and aesthetic of the film. Classic '90s witches will always be my favourite!" – danielle9rachel

    "The beautiful New England setting and the story about all of these amazing women coming together to help one another in the most ~magical~ (pun intended) way makes you feel so good and seriously puts you in the mood to drink warm things, go leaf peeping, and sit by the fire." – vivelabookworm

    11. The Fox and the Hound

    Walt Disney Productions

    "I cant explain it, but it's the kind of movie you want a snuggly blanket so it absorbs the tears." – rachelsporyh

    12. The Lord of the Rings trilogy

    New Line Cinema

    "Fellowship of the Ring! I've tried to watch it in the summer time before but it just ~feels~ like fall. I like to curl up on the first cold weekend in autumn and watch the trilogy." – julieg27

    13. Good Will Hunting

    Miramax Films

    "Good Will Hunting, easily. It's not a 'fall movie' per se, but watch Robin Williams and Matt Damon on the park bench surrounded by those fall colors and tell me you don't get 12 kinds of tingles and a craving for hot cider." – marissad415

    14. Rudy

    TriStar Pictures

    "It's football season!" – moswald74

    "You may not love Notre Dame, but if you love a good underdog story or college football, you should probably love this movie. Not to mention Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful places in the fall in my biased opinion." – tonim4110bedce

    15. Dan in Real Life

    Walt Disney Studios

    "My fall Favorite!!!!! Well, year round favorite, but especially fall lol." – madelinewilson688

    "It's perfect and real and hilarious. Some of the best Steve Carell work there is. I forget he's Steve Carell when I'm watching it. So good." – Hannah Stewart, Facebook

    16. The Village

    Buena Vista Pictures

    "The Village by M. Night Shyamalan. This film is underrated for multiple reasons. A blind female protagonist races against the clock and faces unknown creatures to save the man she loves with the backdrop of fall foliage and houses reminiscent of Colonial Williamsburg. The use of color and soundtrack make this a treat for my eyes and ears while Bryce Dallas Howard keeps me coming back every year." – Mark Skaggs, Facebook

    17. Mermaids

    Orion Pictures

    "The New England setting is beautiful and really evokes those fuzzy fall feelings." – ssphoenix94

    18. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Buena Vista Pictures

    "The Nightmare Before Christmas is totally getting me amped up for Halloween..." – FnchDarcy

    19. Pieces of April

    United Artists

    "Autumn is my favorite season and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday... My favorite autumn movie is Pieces of April. Underrated performance by Katie Holmes (seriously!) and a foodie movie to boot with a great Thanksgiving family plotline. Check it out and pass the cranberries, please." – louisechiffonadeb

    20. The Taking of Deborah Logan

    Millennium Entertainment

    "Not only a great horror movie but the fact that it's set in a small town in Virginia in a house pretty much in the middle of the woods during fall gives it both a cozy autumn and scary Halloween feel at the same time." – denisef48df204b7

    21. Sleepy Hollow

    Paramount Pictures

    "Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow never fails to get me in to the spooky spirit for autumn. The setting, the tone and the costumes all do a great job of sending chills down my spine on a chill fall night." – brandies427fe3094

    22. St. Elmo's Fire

    Columbia Pictures

    "All those big, cozy wool coats and autumn leaves in the background." – Zoey Grit, Facebook

    23. Little Women

    Columbia Pictures

    "I mean, I could actually watch it at any time, but a lot of it takes place in the fall and almost winter, which makes me want to curl up in a sweater with some tea and just cry and laugh with the girls." – Becky Martin, Facebook

    "Don't even get me started on all the autumn feels of Little Women. I just want to escape to the attic and write a pretend newspaper with my sisters and then stand too close to the fire and then be kissed in the woods and paint teacups on the front lawn and then...the ending. THE ENDING. 'But my hands are empty! Not empty now.' *sob*" – Sarah Hassan, Facebook

    24. Double, Double Toil and Trouble

    Dualstar Productions

    "It's a weird one but it's a childhood favorite I watch every Halloween as tradition. That Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen film Double, Double Toil and Trouble, such a guilty pleasure but it gets me in the spooky mood." – Niall Hassett , Facebook

    25. Halloweentown

    Disney Channel

    "Halloweentown 1, 2, and 3. Duh." – Candice Kaplan, Facebook

    26. The Blind Side

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "For some reason The Blind Side really gets me in a fall mood. I think it's the one Thanksgiving scene and all the football." – malariedwards

    27. Sleepless in Seattle

    TriStar Pictures

    "There's something so relaxing about a heartbroken heartthrob Tom Hanks. And the Empire State scene at the end with Meg Ryan in her big coat all layered up and cosy is just gorgeous." – joannaw4d7a917c5

    28. Far From Heaven

    Focus Features

    "Just every shot is a 1950s autumn postcard and I definitely can't cope with how excited it gets me for the season!" – victoriaw34

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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