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    This $25 Pet Nail Trimmer Is Quiet, Cordless, And Helps Keep My Dog Calm On Grooming Days

    "His vet even complimented his nails on his last check-up."

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    When my partner and I first adopted our puppy, Bowie, there were plenty of obvious challenges that we had expected: He kept us up all night, had chronically awful aim when it came to pee pads, and tried to put anything and everything in his tiny, baby shark mouth. But one thing we didn't anticipate was the claws. This boy had dangerously sharp daggers coming from his worryingly large paws, and we honestly didn't know what to do about them.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    While the vet assured us his nails were well within normal (you mean to tell me everyone has just been getting scratched up by their puppy and no one is talking about it?) Bowie is a big hand talker and likes to "gently" tap at people's faces to grab their attention, making his Edward Scissorhands–like nature a prominent issue throughout his puppyhood.

    Get a load of Wolverine over here...

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    We handled it at first by paying his vet to trim them during his regular puppy check-ups, but that was a very expensive and unsustainable plan as he started to grow and needed less face time with his veterinarian. Thankfully, we discovered this Rexipets cordless nail trimming tool ($25.99 from Amazon) that was quiet and easy to use, and we haven't looked back since.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Bowie is extra sensitive to sounds of any and all kinds, so I was quite nervous ordering this — but for under $30, I figured it was definitely worth the risk. Plus it's rechargeable, who doesn't love that?

    The first time we tried it out, which entirely lacks photo evidence, it took three of us, myself, my partner, and his brother, just to get Bowie to sit still. This wasn't the nail grinder's fault, but more so a problem of Bowie truly hating for his paws to be touched, like, ever.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Here he is now, not letting me hold his paw...rude. 

    Slowly but surely, we started doing regular nail trims and he got much more comfortable. The sound of the nail grinder is super minimal and doesn't bother Bowie at all, and the grinder has a little light to help illuminate the nail as you go so you can avoid cutting too short. And as long as he is getting lots of attention, Bowie puts up with the paw-holding.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    His vet even complimented his nails on his last check-up! That's the dream, y'all. 

    Now we do regular nail-trimming sessions, and the difference may be subtle to the eye, but to my unscratched skin and floors, it's everything.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed
    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    I'm so thankful we did this, because while we used to live in a DIY-converted basement space with exposed concrete floors, we just moved to an apartment with brand-new wood(like) flooring and have invested in some new (to us) furniture. So keeping scratch-ability to a minimum is more important now than ever before.

    the writer's dog laying on the new floors of her apartment
    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Bowie is a big fan of the new place. 

    Now, with our regular manicure sessions, the only thing that's going to scratch up my floors is Bowie catapulting his toys across the room just for fun (if you're my landlord and you see this, no you didn't).

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    I'm not the only one who was totally relieved by bringing this nail grinder into their lives. Amazon reviewers overwhelmingly second that sentiment.

    a reviewer trimming their dog's nails

    Promising review: "OMG love this. As a vet tech I had always trimmed my dog's nails using clippers. I finally decided to try this and what a game changer it was: quiet, less messy, easier to use, safer. I absolutely love that you can recharge it. The light was surprisingly helpful!!" —Kayla

    It has even won over dogs who detest having their nails done! And while it might not work for every dog, if you're thinking about changing the way you do your dog's nails, this product is definitely worth a try!

    Promising review: "My dog absolutely abhorred having his nails trimmed with a clipper. With him struggling, it’s much easier for me to nick his quick, which just compounded the difficulties of nail trimming. The Rexipets nail grinder is super quiet and works efficiently to grind and smooth nails. We’re working to build a positive association with the process, keeping high-value treats at the ready. Highly recommend this product!" —Buffalo Bob

    Bowie (begrudgingly) agrees that this Rexipets nail trimmer was a great purchase. You can grab one for your little Wolverine wannabe on Amazon for $25.99.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed / Via Giphy

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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