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    27 Cheap Things From Target That'll Bring You Nothing But Sweet, Sweet Relief

    Because honestly, we could all use a bit of a break right now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Dash express egg cooker that I can personally attest makes ~EGGcelent~ eggs each and every time and has revived my love of breakfast. If you get hangry easily and never have enough time in the morning to do a full-on breakfast, this gadget, which cooks up to seven eggs at once, is a total lifesaver.

    the egg cooker in blue

    2. A two-pack of knee-high compression socks because the only thing worse than being trapped on a plane for 8+ hours is the swollen ankles you develop right after you arrive at your destination... please tell me I'm not the only one.

    the green and purple socks

    3. A bag of lemon-ginger-honey drops said to help soothe your stomach and ease symptoms of motion sickness, nausea, gas and bloating — AKA some of the absolute worst feelings in the world. Bonus points because they're individually wrapped, so you can just toss a few in every bag you have, so if you need to use them, it'll just look like you're whipping out purse candy, grandma-style.

    the stomach settle drops

    4. A salt lamp for your bedside table, because I'm not sure who decided these were necessary for cozy and peaceful environments, but they were so right. Some mood lighting might be *just* the thing you need.

    The salt lamp

    5. A tube of extra moisturizing hand cream with aloe, because winter + an exceptional hand-washing routine = painfully cracked and dry hands. Sure, my hands are squeaky clean, but at what cost???

    the gold bond hand cream

    6. A pack of no-snag hair elastics made with soft and thick hosiery so your ponytail won't leave your whole scalp aching and your hair damaged. Seriously, do those little basic hair ties *actually* work for anyone? Or is someone just playing an elaborate prank on everyone with long hair?

    the hair bands

    7. A handheld showerhead with four settings, because even if you actually do have 99 problems, bad water pressure should absolutely NOT be one of them.

    the shower head

    8. A container of Burt's Bees belly butter, to keep your skin moisturized and comfortable during pregnancy — or any other time you want some extra moisture. It can also help prevent stretch marks from developing.

    the belly butter

    9. A pair of acupressure wristbands that activate a pressure point in your wrist that's been proven to help relieve nausea, so the next time you're on a boat, you don't have to spend half the time doing that thing where you put your head between your knees.

    the seaband wristbands

    10. A color-changing essential oil diffuser to help craft the spa-like atmosphere that all of us remote workers desperately need to cultivate in our home offices/bedrooms/living rooms these days. Who knew we could be so stressed while just working from our couches?

    the gold oil diffuser lit up green

    11. And some eucalyptus oil to go along with it, because spring allergy season is on its way and while it won't keep *literally everything* from blooming, a few deep breaths of eucalyptus should help make it breathing through it a little more bearable.

    the eucalyptus oil

    12. A pack of pimple patches because the old "toothpaste on the zit" trick has been debunked. But don't worry, these babies are real — and a definite step up for you and your skincare routine.

    the patches

    13. A bag of Epsom salt to soothe those sore, achey muscles, whether you got them running that extra mile this morning, or just carrying an extra large grocery haul home last Sunday. Wow, I guess sometimes shopping really *is* my cardio.

    the dr. teal's epsom salts

    14. Or a eucalyptus and spearmint Epsom salt bath foam for those that prefer a little bit of bubble in their bath. Honestly, who could blame you?

    the eucalyptus and spearmint bath foam

    15. A tube of Orajel that can help soothe canker sores, cold sores, or that one spot on your tongue/lip/cheek that you burned on pizza and now *keep* biting at the worst possible moment, in the middle of what's already turning out to be a real downer of a day.

    the Orajel tube

    16. A pack of Olly ultra strength sleep aid softgels made with melatonin, magnesium and botanicals blended to help ease you into sleep. Now, if I could just set my phone down at night...

    the Olly ultra sleep softgels

    17. A medicated lip balm, because sometimes not even your holy grail lip mask can prevent chapped lips, and once they start, it truly is a slippery slope — or, I guess, more of a very, very dry slope.

    the lip balm

    18. A scalp massaging brush to use in the shower when your'e shampooing — this handy little device helps reduce dandruff, as well as increase blood flow to the scalp to naturally encourage hair growth. Plus, it adds a little dash of relaxation to your routine.

    the shower brush in purple

    19. An earwax removal solution because I don't know about you, but those earwax removal tools on TikTok just TERRIFY me. This seems like a much gentler solution to your wax buildup problem.

    the earwax solution dropper bottle

    20. A shoe refresher spray so you no longer have to feel that utterly overwhelming sense of panic anytime someone asks you to take your shoes off. Hit your insoles with this spray, and then walk with a real spring in your step.

    the show spray in a workout shoe

    21. A pair of blue-light-filtering glasses to help your eyes handle the strain of your daily "little screen, medium screen, big screen" rotation.

    the tortoise patterned glasses

    22. A calming lavender bath bomb with a pH-balanced formula, so you can soak for as long as you like without having to worry about a pesky infection ruining all that relaxation.

    the bath bomb

    23. A mouse pad with built-in wrist support to help with that chronic case of work-from-home-wrist (more scientifically known as carpal tunnel syndrome). FYI, as I type this, my desk (that I am NOT working at) is staring me down.

    the pink mousepad on a desk

    24. A dry shampoo specifically formulated for brunettes, because if you have dark hair, you've definitely wondered, "who thought that nontranslucent sprayable shampoo in one color would somehow work for all hair colors?"

    the spray

    25. A double-sided foot buffer to remove calluses and smooth rough, uneven skin, so you don't have to be completely embarrassed the next time you go in for a pedicure.

    the pumice stone foot file

    26. A pack of arch support inserts that I personally didn't even question purchasing, just added to my cart instantly. Me and my high arches will just be here, enjoying flat shoes for the very first time in our lives, thank you very much.

    the arch inserts

    27. A tube of lavender shave cream to finally conquer razor burn once and for all, and leave you with what 13-year-old me so adorably described as "dolphin legs." Who am I kidding? That's still what I call that freshly shaved sensation, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    the shave cream

    From the bottom of my heart, I truly hope something on this list brings you a little peace, because you deserve it.

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