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    31 Practical Things Under $100 Worth Buying At Wayfair's July 4th Sale

    I mean come on, who doesn't absolutely *need* a cereal dispenser in their life....

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Wayfair's fourth of July sale is here, and the savings are certainly worth celebrating!

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    Save up to 50% on patio furniture and storage solutions, up to 55% on major appliances, and so much more! Plus, get free shipping on sale orders over $35. With discounts this big, you could have your whole house redone before actually celebrating the 4th! 

    These savings practically speak for themselves, but if you need more ~encouragement~ to justify a mini (or maxi) shopping spree, here are 31 of the most *practical* purchases under $100 that you can get on sale right now:

    1. A striped area rug that I truly believe could tie together any room you toss it into. Look at that appealing pattern — the ~versatility~ is simply unmatched.

    the striped rug in yellow on a living room floor

    Promising review: "Cute style and easy to clean! Bought this rug for our school room. It has taken a beating with kids crafts, chalk, crayons, etc., but has held up really well. The pile is pretty coarse which helps. It’s perfect for a room that will see a lot of action." —Lauren 

    Price: $45.99 (originally $118, available in 11 sizes and in five colors 

    2. A crank-lift umbrella because we're all feeling some sort of heatwave this week and the time when you'll desperately need one is coming. Do ~future you~ a solid and snag this sweet, sweet shade on sale!

    the umbrella in orange in a backyard

    Promising review: "The umbrella fits perfectly. I have a small patio and the size is excellent. Love the fact that I can tilt the umbrella. Once again very happy with the purchase" —Wayfair customer 

    Price: $72.99+ (originally $95.78, available in three colors) 

    3. A three-piece clear bathroom set that will even make your cotton swabs look oh so ~aesthetically pleasing~ on your counter whilst solving that perpetual sink-adjacent storage problem.

    The clear glass bathroom set on a counter

    This set includes a lotion dispenser and two multipurpose canisters.

    Promising review: "So cute. Looks more expensive than it was." —Michael

    Price: $44.99 (originally $69)

    4. A mini Keurig single-serve coffeemaker perfect for keeping you caffeinated and your counters clear. It get's bonus points because the single-serve function benefits your wallet, your nerves, AND the planet.

    the Keurig in blue on a reviewer's counter
    Anonymous / Wayfair

    Promising review: "I bought this coffee maker when moving into my freshmen college dorm and it is the best purchase I have made! It is skinny and small, perfect for a dorm or apartment. It is also single serve, which saves a lot of material since I am only making one cup at a time! Definitely worth the investment" —Moni

    Price: $74.47+ (Originally $79.99, available in four colors)

    5. A utensil rest to ease some of the chaos and countertop mess of cooking multiple dishes at once. It's those little life hacks that make ALL the difference!

    the gray spoon rest with a spatula resting on it

    Promising review: "I have bought many, decorative spoon holders over the years, designed to hold one or two utensils. Then, I found this and just love it — low profile, nonslip silicone, stays put. Nice wide design with notches easily holds five utensils, keeping your counter mess free. I love that its large area can hold messy ladles and large knives, no problem. Best of all, you can fold it over to contain the mess and simply bring it to the sink for a quick wash. Genius idea." —Diane

    Price: $9.99 

    6. A serving tray set that can be used as a centerpiece to fit *literally* any occasion, and also serves as an actual serving set when you want to feel ~elegant and regal~ (or you're just making a large lunch).

    the serving tray

    Promising review: "BEST two-tiered tray I’ve been able to find. Sturdy, solid, gorgeous and overall a great addition to our kitchen. It’s the look I’ve been hoping for." —Roxanne 

    Price: $73.99 (originally $105, available in three colors) 

    7. An end table with a USB port because the future is here and you no longer need to configure your room in accordance with where the power outlets are. Bonus points for how adorable this table is!

    the side table in brown and white with a phone plugged into the USB port

    Promising review: "Another beautiful piece to match the new TV stand. Easy to put together, everything lined up nicely, quality wood and paint. Love the USB ports in the front too for easy plugging-in and charging of devices!" —Candice 

    Price: $83.99 (originally $107.99)

    8. A chair hammock that will make you understand why some people are so obsessed with spending the afternoon sitting on the porch. Don't mind me — I'll just be resting in mine with a glass of sweet tea and my ~main character complex~ for the rest of the summer!

    the striped chair hammock on a beachside porch in blue with matching cushions

    Promising review: "Love this chair. We put it in a tree and now it is our reading place." —Stephanie

    Price: $32.99+ (originally $49.94+, available in five colors) 

    9. A combination end table and magazine rack with storage on the bottom for books or tablets (or magazines) so you can let future guests *know* that you read without actually having the literature out and in the way.

    The end table in brown and black

    Promising review: "OK. THIS END TABLE. So easy to assemble. Fits in the small space. I bought this because my husband has a TON of magazines and he wanted a place to store them. Once I found this, I clicked purchase without any second guessing. 12/10 recommend." —Anna

    Price: $56.99 (originally $78.02)

    10. A revolving spice rack and pre-filled spice jar set that just feels so sleek and professional. Catch me crafting a complex flavor profile with the help of this beautiful contraption.

    the spice rack on a reviewer's counter
    Karlee / Wayfair

    Promising review: "A great thing to have on your kitchen counter. Lots of selection, great five-year refill policy and best of all, a great price. Very nice for a gift as well. Well worth it." —Patrick

    Price: $40 (originally $60)

    11. A heavy-duty quad laundry hamper to keep your *literal* dirty laundry both sorted and hidden. Definitely a step up from that over-the-door laundry bag of your college days.

    the white laundry hamper

    Promising review: "The laundry hamper is great quality, the bags are removable, the wheels lock and it has been a true time saver. Worth every penny!" —Kelly 

    Price: $74.98 (originally $145.99)

    12. An enclosed litter box holder because your cat's litter box is most definitely messing with the carefully curated ~vibe~ of your space — so put a stop to it!

    The litter box holder in brown

    Promising review: "This is seriously so cute! Extremely easy to assemble and my cat adjusted to it right away. Great addition to my new place." —Nicole 

    Price: $84.67 (originally $129.99, available in six colors)

    13. A faux sheepskin rug that looks like a simply divine experience to walk on. Cold, hard floors are out. Cozy carpets are what it's all about!

    the rug in pink on a living room floor

    Promising review: "Beautiful rug. Looks better than the picture. It looks fabulous in my home office. Nice and soft as well." —Beverly 

    Price: $29.99+ (originally $51.99, available in seven colors) 

    14. A washable pouf ottoman to fill that pouf ottoman-sized hole in your bedroom's aesthetic. Is it a coffee table? Is it a tiny chair? Is it a foot rest? It's ~all of the above~ and more, apparently!


    Promising review: "Love my pouf! The perfect height to put my feet on and sturdy enough to use as a little place to set my things while laying on the couch and watching TV. Would definitely buy again!" —Cindy

    Price: $79.99 (originally $91, available in six colors)

    15. An outdoor side table because the luxury of an elevated surface *should* spill out onto your back patio, and your summer beach read of choice shouldn't be left on the ground.


    Promising review: "Light weight and easy to move. I can also use in my pool tanning ledge. Just what I was looking for!" —Brandy

    Price: $67.99 (originally $120, available in five colors) 

    16. A checkered wooden utensil holder to finally replace that giant mug you've been tossing every spatula and stirring spoon into. You and your counter deserve better!

    the utensil holder

    Promising review: "Beautiful wooden utensil crock. Does a good job holding my spatulas." —Ann

    Price: $18.79

    17. A geometric area rug that just looks *so* inviting. Picture coming home to this in your foyer — suddenly your floor is like a soft piece of welcoming art!

    the rug in off-white, mustard and pink

    Promising review: "I LOVE this rug. The quality is excellent for the price. It is SO soft and doesn’t shed. The typical new rug smell went away after a day or so with the windows open. You should buy this rug!" —Briana

    Price: $77.99+ (available in three sizes and in two colors) 

    18. An over-the-sink cutting board to help elevate your slicing and dicing game to the next level.

    Heather / Wayfair, Wayfair

    Promising review: "An awesome cutting board. It fits perfectly in my food prep sink. The board is sturdy and I love the basket for washing off your food pieces. I overall love this board." —Jayne

    Price: $29 (originally $64.99)

    19. A Cuisinart three-speed hand mixer because although mixing something with a wooden spoon makes me feel like the ~main character~ for a few moments, that satisfaction is swiftly replaced by a sore arm. It's 2021. We have a hack for that — now mix to your heart's (and stomach's) content!

    the white hand mixer

    Promising review: "It’s a wonderful hand mixer. The three speeds get the job done! Would definitely buy again." —Carla

    Price: $36.42 (originally $55)

    20. A hanging macrame chair that's not only a fantastic looking piece of furniture but also makes my 15-year-old self weep tears of awe and joy over how boho chic it is. I'm personally adding this to my cart because sometimes self-care means purchasing things for your inner-child. *Squeals in teenage excitement*


    Promising review: "Obsessed is an understatement! It’s so cute and adds a whole vibe to the room. And it’s a really great price! You can’t beat it! So far seems pretty sturdy!" —Sara

    Price: $77.99 (originally $81.99)

    21. A pair of decorative wall vessels that can hold anything from indoor plants to makeup accessories while also turning wall storage into a ~statement~ piece. Who says a product can't be both practical and pretty?

    the white vessels in gold braces holding plants on a wall

    Comes in a set of two.

    Promising review: "So cute!! Perfect statement pieces! Love how they came with matching nails for an elegant touch." —Alexandra 

    Price: $20 (originally $25, available in four colors)

    22. A set of hanging storage organizers to help you finally finish the produce you bought that week, as opposed to letting it slowly waste away in that old, gross fruit bowl that gets pushed to the back corner of your counter. Out of sight, out of mind? More like in sight, in your stomach!

    Wayfair, Jess / Wayfair

    Promising review: "I am obsessed with these!!! They are perfect and absolutely what I wanted for my food storage. Easy install and great quality. Would buy again!" —Jessica

    Price: $25.99 for a set of three (originally $49.99, available in three colors)

    23. An ergonomic desk chair that will look beautiful in your office, and feel even better on your back!

    the desk chair in blue

    Promising review: "Totally adore this chair! It is so comfortable and sharp looking. Very elevating for the room." —Wayfair customer 

    Price: $83.99+ (originally $169.99+, available in four colors)

    24. A sliding pot organizer to help you avoid the world's loudest and most high-stakes round of Jenga that you've been perpetually playing every time you cook. Game over!

    the pot organizer

    Promising review: "Love love love this pot organizer! It took about 15 minutes to put together. I have large pans and was afraid everything wouldn’t fit but to my surprise, all my pans fit nicely!" —Esther

    Price: $43.83 (originally $49.99)

    25. A stackable shoe rack because this old-as-time storage solution has stuck around for one undeniable reason: it's just so reliably convenient!

    the black stackable shoe rack

    Promising review: "Easy to put together. Much sturdier than I imagined. Great if you have a lot of shoes but not a big budget." —Kathleen 

    Price: $24.99 (originally $55, available in two colors) 

    26. A Waldrup frame end table that's a *total* space saver without skimping on style, and can double as a desk with ease and elegance.

    the table in white

    Promising review: "Great table. Stylish, slim, and supportive. I used it as a laptop stand next to my main desktop computer, and it's working great for that. Because of the stand design, I can get my legs underneath it for typing at the laptop." —Bradley 

    Price: $64.99 (originally $315)

    27. A 1000 thread count cotton sheet set because we both know it's time to update your bedding. If working from home means working from bed (sometimes), then you definitely deserve to upgrade your "home office."

    the sheet set in green on a bed

    The set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow case!

    Promising review: "These are super soft and comfy! I can’t get out of bed!!" —Barbara

    Price: $44.94+ (originally $119.99+, available in six sizes and in13 colors)

    28. A glass and stainless-steel kitchen canister set for if you're like me and have gotten completely obsessed with those kitchen organization videos on TikTok. I just want all my food displayed in these cute little containers!

    The canister set in red

    Promising review: "I love the shapes of these canisters, and so do my grandkids. Perfect for assortments of candies." —Joy

    Price: $26.99 for the four-piece set (originally $29.99)

    29. A GermGuardian air purifier because these days, I think we all understand just how important clean air is!


    Promising review: "This is a great little compact thing. Just plug it in right out of the box. It's doing its job (it's plugged in by the cabinet holding the litter box). I am wildly sensitive to scent (even 'unscented' litter) and it has cleared the bedroom pretty well that I don't smell the new litter I just poured. I'll probably buy a second one for the small office." —Colleen

    Price: $34.80 (originally $49.99, available in two colors)

    30. A rattan basket to toss all those extra emotional support blankets in for the summer. They're still close by in case you need them, but not close enough to make you sweat.

    the rattan basket with a blanket inside

    Promising review: "This is such a great storage basket! It is bigger than I realized, and this was a great thing. It is very floppy so when there is nothing in it, it will collapse and be easy to store. I wish I had this when the kids were younger — it would have been a great toy basket! I have some oblong pillows I only use in the fall and I could never find a good place to store them until this basket! I love the decorative look the basket provides too. I would definitely recommend everyone having one in their house for storage (pillows, blankets, kids toys, etc.) and for a great look!" —Cindy

    Price: $37.18 (originally $81)

    31. And a double cereal dispenser that'll bring the *best* part of dorm life to your kitchen counter. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all, why not make it the most fun as well?

    the cereal dispenser filled with lucky charms and fruitloops

    Promising review: "My kids absolutely love this cereal dispenser. It was worth the price as our cereal boxes would always somehow be left open (by no one at home, apparently) and our cereal would constantly go stale. This was the solution to our cereal problem. I like that it's not extremely bulky and does not take up a lot of room. It also has a nice clean look to it. It is super easy to maintain. I wipe it down every day and it stays looking brand new and shiny." —Candy

    Price: $26.70+ (originally $41.04+, available in four colors)

    Hopefully, you've found the perfect practical purchase for yourself! If you're still looking, make sure to check out the rest of Wayfair's fourth of July sale. ~Happy shopping!~

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