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    10 Things You'll Need When You Read Spring's Hottest Book, The Gentleman Mentor

    The Gentleman Mentor releases on May 5 and we're super excited about it. Poised to be this spring's hottest romance, it has a touch of BDSM and a whole lotta alpha male. We countdown a list of all the goodies you'll want to gather to get your ready for The Gentleman Mentor. The mentor is now accepting applications. Lessons begin May 5.

    1. A Fully Charged eReader

    You will definitely not want this baby to die when you are reading all of the HOTNESS.

    2. A Clear Calendar


    Your children need food? You have to pee? Doesn't matter. Once you pick this up you will not want to put it down, you will want everyone to leave you alone.

    3. A Safe Word

    It's time to choose your safe word. The Gentleman Mentor is ready to play.

    4. A Peach Margarita

    To take off the edge just a little. You will never look at peaches the same way again. Just an FYI.

    5. Scented Candles

    To set the mood just right, just like the Mentor does. We recommend the luxury soy candles now available at the author's website, custom-scented with daring exotic notes that will get your juices flowing. ..

    6. Paper and Pen or Post-its

    For all the notes you will take of the deliciously wicked new things you'll want to try.

    7. A Warm Bubble Bath

    To unwind after a hard strenuous lesson.

    8. A Clock or Watch

    To countdown the hours, minutes and seconds until Kendall's next book The Dominant comes out. Because, once you meet The Mentor you will want to meet his friend.

    9. Your Favorite Battery Operated Toy

    This will be a much wanted device, trust us. Hello there, chapter 25.

    10. Your Significant Other


    To try out all the tricks and lessons you will learn.

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