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    10 Things You'll Need When You Read Spring's Hottest Book, The Gentleman Mentor

    The Gentleman Mentor releases on May 5 and we're super excited about it. Poised to be this spring's hottest romance, it has a touch of BDSM and a whole lotta alpha male. We countdown a list of all the goodies you'll want to gather to get your ready for The Gentleman Mentor. The mentor is now accepting applications. Lessons begin May 5.

    1. A Fully Charged eReader

    2. A Clear Calendar

    3. A Safe Word

    4. A Peach Margarita

    5. Scented Candles

    6. Paper and Pen or Post-its

    7. A Warm Bubble Bath

    8. A Clock or Watch

    9. Your Favorite Battery Operated Toy

    10. Your Significant Other