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15 Things You Can Do To Make The World A Better Place

As our population grows so does the need for kindness. Do these 15 things and help make the world a better place.

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1. Hold a garage sale and donate the money to a local charity


Most garage sales make a couple hundred dollars, unless you have some pretty great stuff and in that case you make lowkey bank. Chances are that money won't make a huge impact on your life but if donated it could go a long way. Pick a charity you love and help them out. If you're feeling especially generous get your friends to join in too. You know what they say, "friends that fundraise together have good karma together."

2. Make care packages for the homeless and keep them in your car to give away


The "99 cent store" has some amazing things for, well 99 cents. Pick up some blankets, granola bars and other goodies, put them in bags and keep them in your car. That way when you see someone on the street asking for food it's all ready to go. No cash, just love.

3. Visit senior citizens at a retirement home


There are two things old(er) people love: bingo and young people to listen to them talk. Call up your local senior center and ask them when you can come in to visit. Who knows, maybe you'll meet the real life Rose Dawson who has been dying to tell her story for the last 84 years. Spoiler alert: she can still smell the paint.

5. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee or drink


Nothing starts off someone's morning right like getting a free Iced Carmel Macchiato. Cost of your drink and theirs: $6.29. Cost of making someone else feel special: Priceless.

6. Sing to someone at a stoplight


Instead of singing "Timber" at the top of your lungs by yourself, sing to the person next to you at a red light. If you're in a busy city you'll probably be there a while anyways and this 3 minute dedication could make someone's awful day just right. (DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any deaths and/or injuries caused by following this list. I am a suggester not a demanding force in your choice to follow my ideas.)

8. Carpool once a week to school or work


Carpooling is a great way to help the environment and get to know someone. If you like someone even in their darkest hours (early mornings) then you're sure to like them after they've been awake for a bit.

9. Give someone a compliment at least once a day


Those 5 seconds it takes to tell someone "hey I like your hair" are nothing but could go a long way. Do it at least once a day and preferably to different people to spread as much love as possible.

10. Donate toys to the local orphanage or children's hospital


Or both! Toy stores are constantly having deals and if you can't go out and buy new ones, find a friend whose kid has outgrown some and take those. Children deserve as much love as possible, especially those whose times of innocence has been taken away. Show some love, compassion and support for the next generation by giving them some material joy.

11. Make playlists, burn them onto CDS and give them to special people in your life


Nothing says "I love you" like handing someone a 12-track list of music that reminds you of them. Whether it's "Magic" by Coldplay or "Gold Digger" by Kanye West, pick some tunes and share the love. (Note: probably avoid using "Gold Digger" though no matter how accurate it is).

12. Find an elderly neighbor and help them run errands


Like I said before, old people love young people. If they're mobile go with them and assist when necessary. If they're pretty homebound, go out and do it for them. It might take a couple of hours but when you're their age you'll be thankful when someone does this for you.

13. Pick up a piece of trash off the ground


I'm not suggesting you touch a half-eaten moldy week old piece of pizza bare-handed but a paper plate and some napkins is easily do-able. Remember that we only have one chance at keeping our Earth healthy and if we all pitch in surely we can make a difference.

14. Run (or semi-fast walk) a marathon


Whether you're a personal trainer or self-proclaimed couch potato we can all use some exercise and if you're going to be sweating bullets why not benefit a charity while doing it? Sign up with a team or by yourself, get sponsors, and get active. And when you feel like quitting at the one-third mark remember that with every step you take you're getting healthier and helping the world.

15. Don't suck


Contrary to popular belief, being a good person isn't that hard. It means putting others before yourself sometime. So if that means following this list or making up your own, the point is to do something.

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