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11 Tips To Make Your Freshman Year Flawless

College means a lot of adjustments, changes, and learning. Here are tips on how to make the process easier and your year better.

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1. Be nice to the RAs/security guards/maintenance workers.


Aside from them being great resources for information/getting things fixed/not getting in trouble, these people also work really long hours with not much gratitude given, so don't be a jerk and say thank you.

2. Don’t date/hook-up with someone that lives in your building.


AND ESPECIALLY ON YOUR FLOOR. Sure, the idea seems great : easy access, quick commute, no shoes needed. But at some point things will end and it will most likely get weird and you will no longer be able to do your laundry without making extremely uncomfortable small talk. Everyone is immature at this age; save yourself before it's too late.

3. Don’t obsess over the freshman 15.


If you start eating super unhealthy (or drinking way too much) go to the gym once in a while or walk a couple of blocks every day. Don't deprive yourself of brunch or going out with your friends because you don't want to gain weight.

4. Find a private bathroom on campus.


Chances are you are sharing your dorm bathroom with at least one other person if not your entire floor. Find a bathroom on campus (in the corner of the library, in the basement of one of the residence halls, etc) that you can treat like your own. It will come in handy when you need to have a good cry or are running late and your roommate is hogging the mirror.

5. Also find a private place to relax.


A tree in the quad, a bench in a building, a local art gallery, even just a coffee shop a few blocks away. College gets stressful because you are with people 24/7. Find a private place and take no one to it. When you're stressed in the middle of finals and need a quick vacation from society, this place will save you from having a mental break down.

6. Leave high school behind.


No one cares if you beat out Stacey McAllister for the part of tree #3 during your freshman year four years ago. Similarly, no one cares if you got in to every single ivy league without "like, even trying on the common app." A story about how you ripped your pants at prom is funny; hearing about how you still haven't forgiven Olivia for looking your ex-boyfriend Jake in the eye that one time at the bonfire is pathetic.

7. But don’t forget your home friends etiher.


Just because your squad has split up to different locations, doesn't mean your friendship should end. Make a group chat or a monthly Skype date or be really cute and send each other care packages. Whatever you do, don't forget about the people who loved you even before your selfie got over 200 likes.

8. Don’t be afraid to call your mom/dad/siblings/cousins/grandparents/etc.


It's okay to want to hear your parents' voice or to want to visit for a weekend for no special reason. Missing your family doesn't mean you aren't happy, it just means that you're still adjusting to your new life which is something every person does at their own pace.

9. Find loyal friends…and be one too.


Don't let your friend walk home alone from a party. Don't hook up with the guy she has been in love with since Welcome Week. Don't let your "bro" drink so much that he throws up everything down to his meal from Christmas Eve. Basically, don't suck. And if someone is treating you like they don't care, then move on to the next one. College as a freshman is like the ocean to mankind: only about 5% has been explored. Get out there and find people that treat you right.

10. Don’t burn yourself out by doing every single activity.


It's tempting to sign up for the Jewish club, join the intramural volleyball team, get hired as a part-time campus tour guide, and take 18 units, but don't do it. You will be exhausted and soon the things you used to love become burdens. There is no worse pain than watching what used to be an enjoyable hobby turn into something you haaavvveee to do.

11. To thine own self be true.


It sounds cliche (mostly because it's from "Hamlet"), but it really is the best tip for having a great year and life. Boy/girl/both problems, friend issues, overwhelming schedules, it all becomes more bearable when you have confidence in who you are. You can't stop people from letting you down, but you can make sure you never let yourself down. Focus on what you want to do and who you want to be; if you always act towards that goal, you'll do just fine.

Well done, Class of 2015.


And welcome to the time of your life.

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