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36 Sexiest Fruits On The Planet

NSFW because let's face it, fruits are the porn stars of food.

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9. Durians


Ew Level: DURIAN

“Its taste can only be described as...indescribable, something you will either love or despise. ...Your breath will smell as if you'd been French-kissing your dead grandmother.“ - Anthony Bourdain via wikipedia

21. Papayas


“Papaya (like aniseed) is estrogenic, meaning it has compounds that act as the female hormone estrogen. It has been used as a folk remedy in promoting menstruation and milk production, facilitating childbirth and increasing the female libido.” -

22. Passion Fruits


Don't let its looks fool you. The name of the passion fruit has nothing to do with desires of the flesh. It was named "Flor de las cinco lagas" (flower of the five wounds) by Spanish missionaries, referring to the passion of the Christ. -

Via Flickr: steveallen

Tomatoes' status as an aphrodisiac may be due to a mistranslation. Legend has it that a Frenchman on his travels ate a meal with tomatoes in it and was fascinated with the new taste. He went back to the chef, who was Italian, and asked him what this new ingredient was. The chef said "Pomme de' Moors" (Apple of the Moors), but the Frenchman misunderstood and thought he said "Pomme d'Amour" (Apple of Love).” -

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