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5 Worst Novelty Alcohol Products

Four Loko has nothing on these terrible, terrible ideas.

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  • 1. German Chocolate Whipahol

    The product description reads: "Did you know that German Chocolate was not developed in Germany but rather by an Englishman named Sam German way back in 1852. Thanks to his tasty experimentation we can all enjoy a great variation of the simple beauty that is German Chocolate Whipahol." Oh, good -- when I saw German Chocolate Whipahol, the first question that came to mind was, "Where does the phrase 'German Chocolate' come from?" (via)

  • 2. Aiko Armenian Brandy Menorah

    Please note that this menorah only has seven arms, and is therefore unsuitable for Hanukkah usage. (via)

  • 3. Teeny Tiny Shooters

    Have you ever looked at a ketchup packet and wondered why it wasn't filled with a novelty shot? (via)

  • 4. Cream

    Cream (, modeled here by Ernie Hudson at the Golden Globes, would also be called "Whipahol", if whipahol weren't a registered trademark. See the star-studded Cream gallery on Facebook.

  • 5. Aiko Armenian Brandy Kalashnikov

    What do you get for the man who's killed everything?