Things Millennial NYC Gays Love

After reading, “Things Millennial Gays Love,” I knew there had to be more and NYC specific. This list is meant to poke fun at the NYC stereotypical Millennial gay (myself included). So enjoy and don’t take it too seriously…

1. Drinking


This is done 90% of the time.

2. Hearing the first six notes of any Britney song


Bow to the Queen.

3. Drunching


4. Quoting anything from the Real Housewives


5. Partying during Pride


Though that happens every weekend too…

6. Walking down 9th avenue


7. Escaping to Fire Island


8. Throwing Shade


9. Pretending you have the life of a Kardashian


10. Watching your favorite Drag Queen


11. Knowing the right questions to ask


12. Exaggerating everything


13. Shaking during Pretty Little Liars


You all know you get together to watch…

14. Prancing around in tanks and short shorts


Standard summer attire.

15. Pretending you don’t eat


I had a cold gust of air for lunch. It was delicious.

16. Praising the holy Disney trinity


17. Surrounding yourself with your best friends


18. Working out


20. Running into Amanda Bynes



21. Hanging with your best girl


22. Walking down 9th ave after going out


23. Hearing this word: Brooklyn


Only for some and yes, I live in BK…yet make that same reaction.

24. Being so over the scene yet go out every weekend


25. Thinking your life can’t get any better because you live in NYC


And that’s the honest truth.

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