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17 Times People Totally Take Having A Car For Granted

You can't just walk through the drive-thru. Ya know?

1. When you're hitting the gym after work and don't want to drag all of your gear into the office with you.

2. When it's your job to bring a hot casserole dish to the potluck party.

3. When you go literally anywhere with a small child.

4. When your to-do list is two pages long and you really don't feel like dragging your overdue library books to the pharmacy.

5. When you want to get your dry cleaning home while it's still clean.

6. When you go grocery shopping for the first time in a looong time and fill up the cart.

7. When you get to the pet store and realize the smallest carton of litter is 14 pounds, but Mr. Scruffy's litter box really needs a refresh.

8. When you need to pick up some bottled water...

9. ...or basically any other liquid at the store.

10. When a quick trip to the mall turns into a major shopping spree.

11. When your favorite brand of fancy ice cream finally goes on sale.

12. When you decide to celebrate the start of summer with a huge picnic lunch.

13. When you get invited to an impromptu jam session with your buddies.

14. When it's a little too hot to sit in the sun without that jumbo-sized beach umbrella.

15. When you visit that one wholesale store where even pickles are sold by the gross.

16. When you're caught out in an unexpected rainstorm and your umbrella is still by the door at home.

17. When you pass your favorite drive-thru after a very long day.

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