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13 Small, Attainable Ways To Become Your Most Confident Self

You got this! ✨

1. Make plans to hang out with positive, supportive friends.

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Spending time with people who truly care about you is an instant mood and confidence boost!

2. Set small goals and achieve them.

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This will increase your sense of accomplishment so you're ready to tackle the big stuff.

3. Measure yourself according to progress, not perfection.

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Even if you're not where you want to be, celebrate your growth. You'll get there soon enough!

4. Give back to your community.

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Whether you organize a bake sale or make a donation, giving back will make you feel good.

5. Spend a little extra time getting ready in the morning.

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Taking care of your appearance isn't vain! When you look good, you feel good.

6. Meditate — or just work on being more mindful.

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Scientific studies have shown that there is a link between mindfulness and self-esteem.

7. Get moving.

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Whether you get in a full workout or walk around the block a few times, getting active will give you an endorphin boost and make you feel good about yourself.

8. Make a handwritten list of your strengths and talents.

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It sounds corny, but it works! Go back to the list whenever you're feeling down.

9. Organize your space.

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Cleaning off your desk or tidying up your bedroom will make you feel more organized, boosting your self-confidence.

10. Stick to a routine.

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Not having any structure to your day can make you feel stressed and anxious, but making a plan and sticking to it will create a sense of purpose.

11. Face (and overcome!) your fears.

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Whether you're afraid of heights or spiders, you'll feel much better when you prove that you're stronger than your fears.

12. Do something you've been putting off.

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The longer you procrastinate, the more insurmountable a task can seem. So get it out of the way, and you'll feel like a million bucks!

13. Celebrate small wins.

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No accomplishment is too small for a celebration!

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