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10 Ways To Beat Writer's Block (A.K.A. 10 Pieces Of Advice That Make You Want To Choke Someone)

Nothing is more annoying than writer's block...Except the suggestion for how to get rid of writer's block. For the past few days, all I have managed is three pages of poo...Not even good poo (word or idea fertilizer)...Nope just poo. So cue the bad advice.

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10. Take a Break and Watch Some Television

This really works because what could be more helpful to a writer than watching a lot of pointless, plotless, reality shows about people that, let's face it, if you met them in public you'd probably just smack them. My personal favorite was last night's Say Yes to the Dress, or as I now call it, I'd Slap That B**ch. Yeah, big help, all my character development issues are now solved.

8. Play A Few Games of Bubble Popper

Those crazy little bubbles! I don't know what it is about them, but nothing makes me feel less like I'm wasting time than popping a bunch of color codes bubbles on my Kindle screen. Productivity at its best.

5. Research Your Setting

Oh, spending time trolling Google always helps. I don't care how committed to your project you are, it's only a matter of time before you start searching "Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters" and watching cat videos on YouTube.

4. Talk with Other Writers on Facebook

You start off with good intentions, talking about the craft and world building, but then Candy Crush starts calling or you just have to stop and share that awesome e-card you just read. If you're working straight down the list, you could also pass on those pictures of Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters and a few cat videos.

3. Go For A Walk / Via

The peace and quiet of a walk really helps you get in touch with your characters to where you can really visualize what it is that they want to say....And now you're the crazy person talking to these imaginary characters out in public and scaring everyone else.

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