10 Things Only Book Lovers Understand

I pride myself on being a writer and like most writers, I am an avid reader. As a reader, there are some things that only my fellow book lovers can understand.


The insane pleasure of reading a book outside in the fresh air.


Developing crushes on fictional characters, therefore making real people somewhat unimpressive at times.


The agony of waiting for the next book in a series to come out.


The backaches, arm cramps, leg cramps, and neck pain that come from reading in your favorite position.


The disappointment of having your favorite book of all time turned into a really bad movie.


The book induced insomnia that occurs when we “just have to finish” a chapter.


The way that you can stop to read “just a page or two” and next thing you know it’s two or three hours later.


The anger when your favorite character is killed off.


Having a never ending “To Be Read” list.


The frustration when someone says that they don’t enjoy reading.

What are some problems you have that only other book people get?

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