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14 Times Tim Hortons Made You Go, "WTF."

Us Canadians are a forgiving people. Bless you, you Timbit making screw ups.

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13. When Your Bagel Can't Grasp Fractions.

12. When Your Cup of Tea Has Beef with You.

Guess someone saw her at Starbucks.

8. When They Change The Colors of Our Flag.

That sprinkle doughnut looks embarrassed for itself.

7. When the Saskatoon Roughriders Made It to the Stanley Cup Playoffs...

6. And Played Against the Blue Jays.

5. When Their Doughnut Game Is Strong, but Their English? Not so Much.

4. When They're so Close, but so Very Wrong.

3. When You Want an Ice Cap, Not a Riddle.

2. When Their "Assorted" Doughnuts Make You Feel a Little Uncomfortable.

But It's Okay, Tim Hortons.

We Wouldn't Trade You for the World.

Bonus Timbit Loving Squirrel.
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