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Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear and Jack the Ripper Letters Stopped!

Van Gogh's ear cutting and the time he spent in the hospital match to a gap in the Jack the Ripper letters received. Author claims Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper!

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Ear Cut Matches Gap in Ripper Letters

Van Gogh, Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, 1889, The Vincent van Gogh Gallery / Via

Research provided by Dale Larner, author of Vincent Alias Jack

Sept. 24 to Dec. 23, 1888

157 Ripper letters received during this time, with the longest gap of not receiving a letter being 5 days.

Dec. 23, 1888 to Jan. 8, 1889

16 day gap between receipt of Ripper letters.

Dec. 23, 1888 to Jan. 7, 1889

Van Gogh cut his ear on the night of Dec. 23 and was admitted to the hospital the next morning. He remained in the hospital until his release on Jan. 7. The 16 day gap in the Ripper letters matches to Van Gogh cutting his ear and being in the hospital, unable to send his Ripper letters. Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper!

The book Vincent Alias Jack is not yet available, but you can see more matches and some of the hidden images at

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