DaleLarner Author of VINCENT ALIAS JACK: The True Story of How Vincent van Gogh Became Jack the Ripper
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    • DaleLarner

      You are the only one spinning in logic circles. You’ve written a full paragraph, but said nothing. Van Gogh wrote the Ripper letters—I have evidence he was Jack the Ripper—the murderer wrote the letters. Van Gogh lived in London—this is to establish part of his motive for returning there—show that he murdered there 15 years before Ripper murders, then returned for more. Cornwell’s book presents Walter Sickert as suspect, not Queen Victoria—calling something nonsense and you don’t even know what you’re calling nonsense. Anyway, the evidence provides what’s necessary for me to make the claim that Van Gogh was Jack the Ripper. Remember, Van Gogh was not known during his lifetime. He walked the streets unrecognized, and this was one of the reasons he was not caught—he blended in with the East End crowd.

    • DaleLarner

      The handwriting sample provides which Ripper letter and which Van Gogh letter the characters were pulled from. No suspect has previously proven to be authentic before because they never caught the murderer, so no one to compare letters to. But I have the murderer and his letters, and they match the Ripper letters. Much more matching up in the book. No faulty logic here. I live in a fault-free logic zone. The premise is verifiable.

    • DaleLarner

      Thanks for looking into it all, but I could have saved you some time. I’ve researched this heavily, so I’m well informed of the details, and it all matches up just fine. You didn’t note anything that contradicts the timeline. He could be in London from Arles the next day, murder, and be back in Arles with a total turnaround time of 3 days. See Bradshaw’s Continental Railway Guide 1888. He was a manipulator and came and went as he pleased. The Money. Vincent had enough. It cost less than 100 francs roundtrip. He thanked his brother, Theo, for the money he sent in his letters, and based on that, he had enough for each of the trips. The Ripper letters: Because they didn’t catch Jack the Ripper back then, there was no way for them to know if the letters were from the murderer on not. I have an advantage. I have the murderer, and his handwriting characteristics, and much more, match. VG wrote the Ripper letters. Don’t skip the significance of the matching gap in letters to his ear cutting. Other Murders: I present V began his murders when he was transferred to London at the age of 20, fifteen years before he became Jack the Ripper. The Ripperologists know about most of these murders. They are known as the Torso murders. Asylum: V was allowed to leave the asylum for several days at a time. He manipulated the director into allowing him to go out in the country to paint. He made trips to London during those times to murder.

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