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5 Cheap Healthy-Ish Snack Foods For Broke College Students

If you love to snack but hate shopping, despise cooking and have no money...things might seem dismal. Thankfully, you have options. These are some of my favorite things to munch on.

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1. Protein Bars / Via Google

This is my new favorite go-to morning snack. I've been having one every morning with a cup of coffee when I don't have time to prepare a full breakfast before work. They're filling, fairly healthy (depending on the type), and you can get a week's worth for just a few bucks.

(I always get the chocolatey ones to satisfy my sweet tooth)

2. Nuts / Via Google

Unless you have a nut allergy, I highly recommend nuts as a snack food. They're delicious and they definitely make you feel full quickly. You can pick up a little container of peanuts or almonds for under five bucks. These salty snacks are a great alternative to chips.

5. Edamame / Via Google

These little pea-pods are tasty and addictive. Plus they're super fun to pop open. You can buy a whole bulk frozen supply and just throw them in the microwave when you're ready!

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