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Top 8 Most Stylin' Crime Fighters On TV

A list of the characters from crime shows with the most BAMF attire

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7. Fin Tutuola / Via Google

Tutuola rocked the vest before Pat even joined the game, so naturally he must come first. No matter how rugged his personality is, he always covers his rough interior with smooth style straight out of the 90's. Jared Leto better watch out, cause I think Fin here takes the prize for best male ponytail.

6. Greg Sanders / Via Google

I must applaud Greg, he's come a long way since the start of C.S.I., and who else could pull off the frosted tips and Hawaiian shirts like he did. He may be the heartthrob of the show now, but he will always be the nerdy lab rat in my heart.

5. Olivia Benson / Via Google

Olivia isn't even on this list because of her clothes, which makes her even more fantastic. Not only does she switch up hairstyles more often than I clean my room, but she looks amazing in There will always be a special place in my heart for those bangs.

4. Horatio Caine / Via Google

Unfortunately we can no longer experience the beauty that was Horatio Caine's wildly inappropriate puns, but his legacy still will live on forever. I will never forget the way his deep blue eyes would look into my soul after a clever one liner, before the YYYYEEEAAA blared through my ears. But really though...those sunglasses were pretty epic.

3. Abby Sciuto / Via Google

Abby undeniably dominated the fashion game in NCIS. Like actually, no one even came close. There could literally be a dismembered bloody body riding a unicycle on the screen and I'd still be looking at her outfit. Never has a grown woman looked so sleek with pigtails.

2. Penelope Garcia / Via Google

Basically everyone previously mentioned on this list can bow down, because Garcia runs this. Not only does her quirky style divert my eyes directly to her during the opening of Criminal Minds, but her accessories vary from large flowers and necklaces, right down to her pen, and yes in her case a pen qualifies as an accessory. Don't even get me started on her hair...

1. Joan Watson / Via Google

Not only does she portray the already legendary BAMF Dr. Watson, but she does so with so much style that I can't bear to watch an episode without online shopping right after. I think Dr. Watson would be proud to see that Joan far exceeds his standard of class and poise. She has elegant exercise outfits, even her pajamas are cute! I don't know how to begin to describe the beauty that is Joan Watson's clothing. I think I'll just go throw away half my wardrobe, and sulk in a corner until I figure it out.

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