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12 Times You Channel Your Inner Hermione Granger

Face it, the girl's been through a lot and you probably have too

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1. When your best friend tells you to tell her crush she says hi... and her crush says hi back

Seriously, just text him yourself.

2. When you see the back of your hair after your first updo

The magic of hairspray.

3. When your friend tries to convince you it's a good idea for her to go home with the rando

4. When your roommate catches you drunk eating / Via tumblr

Everyone deserves a large pizza to herself at 2 AM.

5. When you're paired up with last night's hookup in class

Via tumblr

Ah yes, in the daylight things are much clearer.

6. Whenever you try and cook something other than mac & cheese

7. When you're the first in the class to complete your lab correctly

8. When you see your professor outside of class

Via tumblr

What no, you're not suppose to exist in real life.

9. When your friend lays out the drinking schedule for the night

Via tumblr

But you do it anyways.

10. When the class overachiever makes a status about his newest internship

Via tumblr

You get it, you're a bit behind.

11. When your friends are going out and you still have finals

Via tumblr

12. When you realize you made it through another semester / Via tumblr


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