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    Listen: Why Did Two Trans Influencers Have Their TikTok Accounts Deleted, When TikTok Says They Support Trans Creators?

    “I do suspect that mass reporting has something to do with it. We’ve heard this from Black creators as well, that their accounts and videos have been deleted or they feel they’ve been shadow-banned. It seems like marginalized people tend to report this on TikTok.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. It’s not the first time you’ve heard us say this, but here it is: TikTok is being accused of suppressing content from creators on its platform. And again--we’re not talking about content from its largely cis, white, straight stars.

    Two trans creators have come forward to say their accounts were deleted without warning or provocation. Today we’re joined by BuzzFeed News reporter Lauren Strapagiel who investigated what’s going on.

    2. An 80-year-old review has bumped “Citizen Kane” from the top spot on the Rotten Tomatoes rankings board. We’re talking about what took its place.

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