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    Listen: A TikToker Who’s Never Seen The “Fast & Furious” Movies Made A Musical Version — And It Went Viral

    “A lot of people comment like, ‘I’ve also never seen the movies, but I think this is spot-on?’”

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    On today's episode:

    1. TikToker Rocky Paterra has never seen any of the Fast & Furious movies — but that didn’t stop him from writing a musical based on them. His original video has nearly 3 million views, over half a million likes, and thousands of comments asking for more.

    Today, Rocky joins us to talk about what inspired him and why he was surprised to find TikTok so creatively fulfilling.

    2. Lil Nas X is using Nike’s lawsuit against his Satan shoes to promote his new single “Industry Baby.”

    Twitter: @LilNasX

    3. Model, actor, dancer, and activist Leyna Bloom is Sports Illustrated’s first transgender cover star.

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