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    Listen: These Reality TV Comfort Shows Have Gotten Us Through A Year Of Lockdown

    “Listen, ’90 Day Fiancee’ is a classic perfect reality show. It has everything you could ever want—and there are so many iterations, you can watch it year-round.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We’ve all had to find ways to cope with this pandemic. For a lot of us, that’s meant distracting ourselves with TV. Particularly--reality TV.

    Today we’re talking about the shows that have become like our COVID comfort food. We’re joined by BuzzFeed Deputy Director and author of “Vagina Problems” Lara Parker.

    Listen to hear Lara explain the surprising things she’s learned from “90 Day Fiancee,” Casey tells us what possessed her to watch a season of “Drag Race” three times in one week, and Zach shares his pick for the best “Housewives” franchise.

    2. Sharon Osbourne is in trouble over anti-Asian comments.

    3. There are even more disturbing details coming out of the Operation Varsity Blues scandal.

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