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    Listen: There Are Critics For Malcolm & Marie, But Who Cares—Zendaya Will Always Be Great

    “I’ve been thinking about who will be our generation’s Julia Roberts. Our big starlet. And I feel lately like Zendaya may be that person. Like, she’ll be in any film and people will talk about it.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. The reviews are in for Netflix’s highly anticipated film “Malcolm & Marie,” and they’re mixed--to put it nicely. But, the one thing that is receiving universal praise is Zendaya’s performance.

    Today we’re talking with Sylvia Obell about the ascendance of Zendaya. She interviewed Zendaya for Essence, and on her Netflix podcast “Okay, Now Listen.” So, Sylvia is basically now Zendaya’s b.f.f.

    2. The Super Bowl produced so many memes.

    3. There has been *another* gender reveal party fatality.

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