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    Listen: The Craft Beer World Is Facing A Reckoning With Allegations Of Sexism, Assault

    “The stories escalated pretty quickly with women sharing accounts of sexual harassment, assault, rapes -- so really it’s run the gamut of accusations across the country and world.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. It’s no secret that the past couple of years have brought forth a national reckoning about the biases and pressure many women encounter in the workforce. Today we’re taking a closer look into the accusations of sexism and assault sending shockwaves across the craft beer industry.

    What began as a simple question for women about their experiences with sexism on a personal Instagram page has rapidly spiraled into a mass callout of the craft beer industry. To help us rip the band-aid off, we’re talking with journalist Beth Demmon about her recent ‘Good Beer Hunting’ piece “Buzz, Kill — The Physical, Psychological, and Financial Price Women Pay for Working in Beer.”

    2. Kevin Spacey is apparently returning to the big screen.

    3. Jodie Turner-Smith is opening up about the racist backlash she’s getting for her portrayal of historic white queen Anne Boleyn.

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