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    Listen: Ellen’s Show Is Finally Ending Amid Allegations From Her Staff, Where Does She Go From Here?

    “I could see a world in which we don’t see Ellen’s face and name for a little bit, and she can come back and do whatever she wants. Which I think says a lot about this industry.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Yesterday Ellen Degeneres revealed the upcoming 19th season of her show would be it's last in The Hollywood Reporter. This of course comes after the show was rocked by a series of allegations. But if you ask Ellen herself, the reason the show is ending is that it’s “just not a challenge anymore.”

    This morning Ellen appeared on The Today Show in a pre-taped segment where she further explained her reasons for ending the show and addressed those allegations. We’re breaking down what’s going on with BuzzFeed News Reporter Krystie Lee Yandoli. She helped break the story of the scandal and has reactions from former “Ellen Show” employees.

    2. A movie studio misgendered Laverne Cox’s role in “Promising Young Woman” for the Europe release.

    3. We have some major casting news about The Disney Plus reboot of the Proud Family.

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