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    Listen: COVID-19 Changed Fashion Forever-- So Where Is It OK To Wear Sweatpants Now?

    “None of us want to go back to the restrictive clothing we used to wear. Is this focus on comfort something we see staying around—or will we be back in heels and underwires by the end of the year?”

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    On today's episode:

    1. It’s getting warmer out, many more people are getting vaccinated every day, and that means there is a future fast approaching where we ALL may be socializing with friends again--or even going back to the office. Things WILL look different. A lot of *us* may look a little different. And that’s okay.

    Understandably, this idea may make us feel a little anxious. Especially when it comes to--you know, figuring out what we’re going to wear. Today we talked with fashion writer Hilary George-Parkin about post-pandemic fashion.

    2. Former Bachelor Colton Underwood came out. We’re breaking down what happened--from the GMA announcement to the Netflix series that’s brewing.

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