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7 Awesome Beauty Products Disguised As Household Items

You don't need to go to Sephora for a pretty pucker or glowing skin.

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1. Aspirin


Aspirin is a two-in-one beauty miracle worker. You can crush it up and dab a paste on your zits to zap them dry. You can also mix aspirin powder with shampoo in order to make a dandruff shampoo that doesn't smell funky.

2. Avocado

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There are many versions of the avocado hair mask, some of which include olive oil or honey, but you can even use just mashed avocado for a nourishing deep conditioner, Work into your hair and leave for 20 minutes before washing it out.

3. Baby powder

Austin Kirk / Flickr

No need to buy pricey dry shampoo when you have good ol' baby powder at home. Apply to your roots and work through with your fingers. Baby powder isn't the best dry shampoo if you have very dark hair, though. This trick is best for blondes.

4. Kool-Aid

Andrea Black / Flickr / Via

This one I learned from my neighbor, who's in fourth grade. Kool-Aid's not exactly the healthiest beverage option, but the brightly colored powders are perfect for temporary unicorn hair. Use the instructions from WikiHow for a great at-home 'do.

5. Beets

Darwin Bell / Flickr / Via

You'll feel good about using a totally natural lip and cheek stain after you boil down and strain some beets. The resulting color is a gorgeous, sheer red that you can amp up by adding more layers. Follow xoVain's directions on making an awesome, non-sticky beet stain.

6. Olive oil

Pixabay / Via MindBodyGreen

If you're a true beauty fanatic, then you know about the oil cleansing method and all of the pricey products and balms out there that promise glowing skin, sans soap. MindBodyGreen has instructions for making an oil cleanser with olive oil, but don't stop there: You can use olive oil as a deep hair conditioner, in skin scrubs (mix with brown sugar) or even as furniture polish.

7. Papaya

Janine / Flickr

Alpha hydroxy acids are used for chemical peels at dermatologists' offices and are frequently an ingredient in moisturizers and face masks. They're known for their ability to exfoliate and leave polished, smooth skin. You can also find AHAs in papaya. Try pureeing papaya and using the fruit mash as a face mask.

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