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Jun 2015
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    daga commented on Tell Us About Your Favorite Place On Earth

    My favorite place in the entire world is Lalibela. It is a town in northern Ethiopia known for its amazing rock hewn churches. These churches are literally hewn into the ground so they're built from the top down. It is one of the most peaceful and spiritual places I've ever had the… 

    3 years ago

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    daga commented on Who's The Worst Person You've Ever Sat Next To On A Plane?

    On a plane ride to Kenya I made the horrible mistake of starting a conversation with the woman next me. Two minutes into our conversation I mentioned that I was a physical anthropologist who studied primate evolution. She gave me the most horrified look and proceeded to explain to… 

    4 years ago

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    daga commented on What's The Weirdest Compliments You've Received As A POC?

    I'm Ethiopian and a date once told me I sounded like an exotic bird!!!

    5 years ago

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