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    • daedaleve

      I read the responses in here, and I have to say… Those of you who said you have to “psych yourself up” in order to walk past a group of guys ARE NOT NORMAL. Let me clarify that for you a bit: You have a psychological condition which IS NOT NORMAL and should be disgussing these feelings with a mental health professional.
      If you walk around in your daily life and fear men simply because they are men, then that is your issue, not theirs.
      Fear is a choice. It’s the result of you making up a story in your head then expecting that story to come true, based on nothing more than your own imagination, preconceptions, and personal bias.
      To live your life in such a way is insane. Yet instead of addressing your own fear issues you some how believe that attempting to “make men aware” of your fear issues will some how lead to them being resolved, which I assure you will not happen, simply because that is not how it works.
      So in the end all this video (and many of the responces I’ve seen) truly accomplished is to yet again perpetuate the victim mentality so many women (particularly those belonging to the radical feminist subculture) simply LOVE to take advantage of and exploit to their personal agenda (much the same way leaders within minority communities do any time they wish to be perceived as victim in the eyes of society). Simply put, do not blame your fear, your personal issues, your relationship issues, any abuse you may have suffered, etc. on the entirety of another gender… Because that’s bullshit and you know it!
      The only blame you can give is to the individuals who did the action, and some times to blame yourself for your own bad decisions… Because contrarry to popular beliefe your choices and actions do matter! If you have sex without protection and get pregnant (or get someone pregnant) you don’t get to play the victim in that situation. Your own bad choices lead you there.

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