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    Posted on Oct 18, 2015

    23 Magical Desserts That Literally Sparkle

    All that glitters isn't gold — some is edible.

    1. Glitter Lollipops

    Pop Cosmo / Via

    What better way to start this list than a confection made entirely of sugar and glitter and nothing else? Recipe here.

    2. Berry Layer Cake with Gold Dust

    Desserts for Breakfast / Via

    This layer cake dusted with gold flecks also contains Oreo cookie chunks, buttercream and, dark chocolate ganache. Recipe here.

    3. Shimmery Fortune Cookies

    Darby Smart / Via

    For those who foresee some sparkle in their future. Recipe here.

    4. Mint Chocolate Chip Doughnuts with Glitter

    Torie Jayne / Via

    These vanilla doughnuts are studded with chocolate chips and glitter! Recipe here.

    5. Gold Glitter Cake Pops / Via

    These beautiful golden cake pops are flavored with lemon and vanilla. Recipe here.

    6. Sparkly Ice Cream Cones

    Martha Stewart Weddings / Via

    Add some shimmer to your dessert! More info here.

    7. Rose Flavored Rock Candy

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Filled with glitter in the shape of stars! Recipe here.

    8. Glitter Conversation Heart Cookies

    Cup of Sugar Pinch of Salt / Via

    You'll never go back to non-bedazzled cookies again! Recipe here.

    9. Glitter Cookie Stacks

    Amy Atlas / Via

    These sandwiched cookies look like pink clouds of gold dust. More details here.

    10. Gold Spun Cotton Candy

    Cooking Books / Via

    Just like in Rumpelstiltskin! Recipe here.

    11. Rose Water Glitter Cake

    Teri Lyn Fisher / Via

    And you thought glitter cake couldn't get fancier! Recipe here.

    12. Pink Champagne Glitter Cake

    Apollinas / Via

    This pink champagne cake is filled with peach preservers and vanilla buttercream. More info here.

    13. Pink and Gold Macarons

    Sweetly Chic Events / Via

    These desserts look like magic and sunshine! More here.

    14. Glittering Sandwich Cookies

    Sugar and Cloth / Via

    Proving that sparkle comes in all colors and all sizes! Recipe here.

    15. Sparkling White Chocolate Lemon Truffles

    How Sweet Eats / Via

    The way chocolate was meant to be eaten — covered in sprinkles. Recipe here.

    16. Glitter Marshmallows

    Shrimp Salad Circus / Via

    Hot cocoa never tasted so good. Recipe here.

    17. Sparkly Angel Food Cupcakes

    Natural Comfort Kitchen / Via

    Nothing goes with buttercream like bling. Recipe here.

    18. Glittering Popcorn Filled With Stars

    Diary of a Mad Hausfrau / Via

    For when you want a movie night with TV stars and cookie ones. Recipe here.

    19. Glitter Coffee

    Dream, Create / Via

    If this doesn't wake you up in the morning, nothing will. Recipe here.

    20. Glittery Dessert Shooters

    Sugar and Cloth / Via

    Have your glitter cake and eat this too! Recipe here.

    21. Pink and Glittery Cupcakes

    Love Vividly / Via

    22. Crystal Cupcakes

    Elisa Strauss / Via

    Like cupcakes studded with diamonds. Recipe here.

    23. Mini Baked Alaskas with Sparklers

    Peter Callahan / Via

    If you can't bake it with glitter, you can decorate with it! Tips for decorating here.

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